SeaWorld Entertainment breaks ground on new corporate headquarters

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SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment is moving its corporate headquarters within Orlando. The company recently celebrated a groundbreaking for the 40,725 square foot, three-story building at its Orlando theme park property. It is expected to be completed in fall 2019.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

With respect to those who have been downsized by SEAS over the years, I'll resist the multitude of jokes to be made here.

seems like an odd thing to do for what had been a troubled operation. Anybody care to guess if this campus is equal to, smaller, or larger than the current occupied space? Is it of a size to hold the corporate side of the current ops, or is it just right if the Bush Gardens parks weren't part of the structure?

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This one has me scratching my head a bit. Leasing a smaller office would make sense if they had let people go, but building a brand new one during a time when the company is still not "out of the woods" seems poorly timed.

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I worked in the old building on John Young, and it felt kind of pretentious to me. It was a lot of Class-A space, at one point I think three entire floors. Not sure what the total square footage was, but it was the typical marble lobby floors and elevator banks, huge aquarium in the main lunch room, a terrarium with frogs and critters in the receptionist desk. There were of course all of the nice conference rooms and such, too, with the glass wall offices around the perimeter. I dunno... it seemed unnecessary to me to be paying for that kind of prime space.

Assuming they're not building the Taj Mahal here, there is definitely potential for cost savings since they own the land and the building. I think it makes perfect sense.

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Isn't this adjacent to Sea World? That being the case, doesn't it makes sense to move the offices closer to where something in the chain operates?

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Working in the corporate office does not require a lot of in-park interaction.

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And that thinking is the biggest flaw in so many major corporation managements. (Not just theme parks) If the people up top were closer to the actual product, they could observe the "real world" and make better informed decisions based on those observations. Instead, they sit in offices miles away and make decisions based on never seeing or interacting with the actual product.

(Walt knew this)

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Or they're like Dick Kinzel and micromanage things they shouldn't be involved in. 95% of the people in the corporate office have no reason to get involved in the day-to-day in the parks, nor does it mean they have no customer empathy. I'm speaking purely from experience in this specific company.

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