SeaWorld drops dividend, stock takes a hit

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SeaWorld shares opened sharply lower Tuesday after the company said it is cutting its dividend by more than half and then eliminating it altogether to raise cash for share repurchases as it grapples with a future that will phase out killer whale shows

Read more from USA Today.

Not a surprise .I was strongly supportive of Seaworld even getting a Annual pass .Then The CEO announced a pure surrender to the forces against it .Thereby angering myself and other supporters of the parks .

I know you are going to post California passed laws (now) that Seaworld would have to follow anyway .

Here I am just a fan of the park who supported them when they were attacked by animal fanatics . Then the CEO shows his cowardice .

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I think that's overreacting a bit. They decided to ditch the whale shows and gave intend to give them something else to do. That likely aligns to changing public tastes. If they were giving in to activists, they'd shut down. They've also committed to spending cap ex on things that people actually want, like roller coasters. What you call surrender I call doing business.

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