Season passes at non-seasonal parks

Saturday, January 24, 2004 10:44 PM
How do season passes at non-seasonal parks work? ( Like Six Flags Magic Mountain ) Can you purchase them at any time during the year? How long are they good for?
Saturday, January 24, 2004 11:02 PM
It's my understanding that they are good for one year from purchase. Some parks may also have expiration dates at the end of the month only. IE you may be able to get almost 13 months out of a pass. (buy it on January 1st and it's good till January 31st of the following year). I hope that answers your question.
Saturday, January 24, 2004 11:07 PM
For Six Flags, the Season Pass expires at the end of the calendar year. This is the link to Magic Mountain's Season Pass site:

You should have little/no problem finding out information for other parks online.

Saturday, January 24, 2004 11:17 PM
I believe that it is a calendar year for all Six Flags parks. So even if your home park closes, you could still use it at a park that is still open.
Saturday, January 24, 2004 11:25 PM
I did not realize SFMM's annual pass expired at year end. What if I wanted to buy a pass in Sept or Oct, I only get 3 - 4 months of use out of it? Interesting. I am just shooting from the hip here - no real research, but I think Disney parks and KBF / Camp Snoopy annual passes last approximatley one year from purchase. I know that I had considered Disney passes a couple of years back and you could purchase them at any Disney store in advance, and they would be good one year from date of first use at a park.
Sunday, January 25, 2004 12:02 AM
You can typically buy your SFMM season pass for the next year at the end of October or early November giving you the last 2 moinths of the year plus the 12 months for the next year.

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