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I'm not interested in Merch perks. I ain't wearing coaster crap around.

Mostly interested in food perks. The all-you-can-eat sounds like a decent deal.

I don't count free parking. To me that's not a perk so much. Not sure why I feel that way - probably because at $180 a pass it feels like I'm buying a parking pass too (compared to other parks pass setups).

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JOz99 said:

Timber-Rider said:

Buy an on ride video from Thunderhawk, and get a t-shirt at a huge discount. I think it was either. $5.00 or free, but not exactly sure.

But they're "probably something they are trying to get rid of, and that you would not normally buy anyways."

(See what I did there!?!)

But, MA's offer is still better than anything at Cedar Point. The only merchandise deals they offer is $2.00 off, for on-ride photos. Or. 10% to 15% off on park merchandise. But you have to spend over $20.00 to get the discount, and it is only available at 3 locations in the park.

They do have quite quite a few food deals though. But, it's mostly just free soft drinks, and fries. And, a couple buy one get on free, but just a taco, bag of chips, and a free Brat. Nothing else.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

A free Brat? Sorry, not interested. I get my fill of Tyler here.

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If it's those Johnsonville brats, I'll pass. I'm sure they taste good, but I stay away from anything with MSG in them, and that seems like Johnsonville's main ingredient. lol

My initials are MSG. But don't worry, Krause..unlike Soylent Green, Bratwurst...Johnsonville or not people (to the best of my knowledge.)

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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While the perks aren't a deal breaker, the 1/2 price Cinnabon 4 packs at KI is a great deal.

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You mean a 6-foot high cinnamon-swirled cake, made for one sad fat man?

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