Season Fast Lane Plus All Park Option

I went on today to renew my platinum pass and saw they are now offering an all Cedar Fair park fast lane plus option for $850.00. You can get Cedar Point only still for $100.00 bucks less than what they offered it for the 2019 season. I loved having that option on my pass this year and was hoping they would eventually add an all Cedar Fair option. I think $850.00 is a steal, but I'm guessing the sales of the season fast lane plus at Cedar Point this year were less than expected seeing as they lowered the price by $100.00.

That might make some sense, as it was probably considered a trial year at most parks. I heard that they sold well, too, with CP’s price being the highest. So without thorough checking, I’d guess they’re either bringing CP’s price more in line with the others or CP’s didn’t sell out.

I’d also guess the target market for this would be visitors from the tri-State area who visit both Ohio parks. And it could certainly be attractive to enthusiasts like us who travel. The others people in other markets maybe not so much.

I’ve seriously thought about this just for myself but this summer extra life things got in the way and so far my CF visits have been limited to two days at Carowinds, one at CP, and none at KI. So I’m glad I didn’t drop somewhere north of 500 for something I didn’t use.

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