Season-Ending Triple Play Part 2...Great Adventure Sunday 10/27

The second leg of my season-ending trifecta found me at Great Adventure this morning before the Season Pass line opened at about 10:20. My friend Jen met me there, and another fellow, Joe, joined us a bit later with his friend Chris.

Jen and I started with two great laps on Kingda Ka, and my new routine, started this season, is to ride it without my glasses. Between that and the fact it was not cold/windy (gorgeous weather on the East Coast) I really enjoyed those rides. Jen and I got the second train out, and our train was granted a re-ride. El Toro followed for two laps, one in my customary seat. The other was in the back row of the next to last car. There, I didn't get nearly the airtime on that last hill as I do in the very back. This was Joe's first ride on Toro, and Chris' first in the back seat...both were duly impressed.

Two rides on Bizarro were followed by one on Runaway Train and a Sky Ride journey to the other end of the park. Some time before Runaway Train was spent watching a very cute groundhog having whatever passes for his lunch in a little dirt/tree area in front of the Sky Ride building. Jen got a coupla nice pictures of the little fella.

Skull Mountain was next. I rode back seat with Joe, and finally got the airtime on the first drop I keep hearing about, but never felt. The strobe effects at the end seemed different and were quite cool. Two rides on Nitro were better than they have been, but a sour taste was left in my mouth when I debarked to find someone had stolen (taken by accident?) my souvenir cup.

Jen had an exit pass for KK, so we hit that for our last GrAdv ride of the season. On the way over there, I ran into my friend/client Fran, and her husband. I had known she might be there, but we made no plans to meet. Pretty amazing to run into someone you know, considering how crowded the park was getting at that point.

Skipped Batman and Green Lantern due to lines I didn't feel like waiting in, and skipped Dark Knight because...well, because it's Dark Knight. The park was starting to get very crowded by two-ish. Both season pass processing centers were open, and were slammed..those lines were MONSTROUS. I dunno how those folks got on any rides. After saying goodbye to my party and walking Jen to her car, I left the lot about 3:15.

I had a meal at Friendly's and picked up some Fresh-Squeezed O.J. at Wegmans. So I had a really good day until I went on-line at home and found out Lou Reed died. Bummer ending.

Got only two compliments on my RIDING DEAD t-shirt. Slow day.

Next week: Hershey. Still haven't decided if I'm gonna head out Friday, get a room, do the preview thing, and go Saturday too...or if I'll just go Saturday for the day. May depend if anyone is joining me..Jennifer and my friend Ken and his kids have indicated possible interest. I'll make the decision late in the week.

Bunky, check your e-mail.

Thanks for reading!

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If the season pass processing lines moved as slow as they did on Friday night, people were probably in line for hours. I waited 40 minutes on Friday night and the line wasn't out of the main queue in at the processing center in the Boardwalk, which was longer than I waited for any of the coasters.

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