Seabreeze announces Disk-O for 2010 season

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Seabreeze bought their new ride from an Italian company, Zamperla, which manufactures roller coasters, major rides, thrill rides, and others. The ride, with the brand name Mega Disk'O, was delivered Dec. 1 and assembled — except for the seating disk — within two weeks in the northern part of the park, next to the Whirl Wind.

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Strange how I can't stomach MaxAir, yet I love a Disk-O. Similar motions. Glad my two home parks (Kennywood & Waldameer) both have one.

Oh, and good for Seabreeze!

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^Similar motions, but not really the same ride. MaxAir and Delerium are special in that their swing arc is exceptional. Disk'O rides, regular or extended, don't go beyond vertical. MaxAir goes considerably further than that - resulting in much more intense forces on the rider.

edit: Got distracted, hehe. The thing I wanted to mention is that Seabreeze is awesome and doesn't get NEARLY enough mention/praise. The Miller JackRabbit is very solid with some nice surprise moments, the Bobsled is unique and rates very high on the FUN factor. Solid spinning coaster, a Crazy Dazy(!) and a pristine antique carousel, all in a beautful setting. If anyone is planning a coaster-trip in the NY/PA area, I'm happy to recommend the place.

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I have to agree. Seabreeze deserves more love than it gets. Definitely a nice little park with a lot of charm.

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I find the rotation on a Disk-O far more "spatially challenging" than that of a giant Frisbee, where the rotation is almost a non-factor in the ride. It's the G's at the bottom of the swing that really do it for me.

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Disk-O's will get me sick a lot sooner than a Frisbee.

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I don't know why, but giant Frisbee rides really kill me for the rest of the day. I can ride smaller, similar rides, like Knoebels Fandango or Hersheypark's Claw, all day long.

And Disco's rock! (Was that a double-edged pun?)

I have to get out to Seabreeze sometime. It seems really nice.

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The Fandango and Claw style rides don't spin nearly as fast as the normal frisbees. I haven't ridden a giant, but it can't spin any slower than the KMG rides!

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I could ride Giant Frisbees all day, they are just so graceful and the positve Gs are nice but not too powerful (the air you get when the pendulum hits its apex as your chair is spinning to be the highest point is what keeps me coming back again and again.) Best flat ride ever, and best non coaster ride out there not themed to the hilt (ie Disney, Universal, Darkastle) in my opinion as well.

I have yet to ride a Disk-O coaster that is not Avatar but Im sure I would love it (as I love the family version of the Disk-O coaster and Disk-Os) but Im pretty sure I would not be able to reride them again and again like I can on the Giant Frisbees.

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