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We were thinking of something to do for the day yesterday, Sunday, and we decided to head to Seabreeze for the day. My mom said we could go somewhere because she didn't get to go to Cedar Point with us this year because here mom was hospitalized a few days before. We have passes to Darien Lake, so it would be cheaper, but Darien Lake does not hold the crowds well at all, and as far as waterparks go, Seabreeze's blows SFDL's out of the water. Besides, I wanted to ride the last year's spinning coaster, Whirlwind.

We didn't end up leaving until about 10:00, and the park opens at 11:00 with a select number of rides. I don't know which ones these are because most rides had a sign saying they open at 12. My friend Pat, his mom, and his younger brother Joe decided to come along as well. We picked up tickets at Wegmans for $18.25, and saved about $2.00 which wasn't that great compared to the $10 you save buying SFDL tickets at Wegmans. Oh well.

It ended up taking us about 2 hours to get there because of a wrong turn and it was about 12:15 when we walked in the gate. Both parking lots were nearly full, and we ended up parking by the one near the water park.

Trying to beat the crowds to the water park, we quickly changed and tried to make the most of the 5 hours we had there. After we got changed I noticed the $2.50 Pepsi machine outside the lockers. Looks like the epidemic has hit more than just Cedar Point, which has $3.00 waters. I could have sworn that a 20 oz at Darien Lake was only $1.75 or $2.00. I guess that's how they make their money.

My mom decided to stay out of the water, and my friends mom decided to wait a little while so my brother, my friend and his brother and I got a head start.

First slide up was the Riptide tube slide. There are two tube slides at Seabreeze. Riptide and Vortex. Riptide is open and allows single and double tubes, and Vortex is closed and allows only single tubes. We did Riptide first on a double and it was fun. Not too fast or exhilirating but nice and long. Next we tried Vortex which was better. Much faster and very long. After we conquered the tube slides we decided to hit the Wild One slides. These are two proslide body slides. They aren't tall by any means and basically just do one twisting drop before dumping you into a pool. These are probably the best ones there. The g force is awesome and the speed is great.

We decided to finish up the slides with the other body slide complex called the Bermuda triangle. We first did Banzai, a double dipping speed slides. Lots of fun. Next we did the other two which weren't great but not too bad either.

We met up with my friends mom and did a couple laps around the lazy river, which was relaxing but they were only letting a certain amount of people in at a time, resulting in a pretty long line compared to the other water slides.

We finished the water park up by hitting "The Wave". Nice wavepool, the waves weren't too huge but it was fun. At least they don't have the annoying people on tubes that run into you.

We dried off by the water park snack place, the California Cafe, ate a couple hot dogs and Pepsi and we were on our way.

Overall the water park was very nice. Some of the slides were little outdated, could see the paint fading everywhere, and a couple more intense bodyslides would be nice, but the size is perfect and can easily handle large crowds without haveing big lines, unlike Six Flags Darien Lake.

We decided to head toward the whirlwind first. The line was only 1 row of queue long so we decided to get in line. About 10 minutes later we were on. Not bad at all! My brother and I sat in the back seat, and my mom and Joe in the front. My friend Pat and his mom were in the car behind us. We quickly were sent up the lift hill which is almost as fast as MF's. Quickly we get to the top and fly down the first drop backwards and up the next hill. Easily the best part of the ride. All the trim brakes only tapped so the ride was flying through the whole thing. The overbanked turn was a blast, and so was the helix. The S turn was fun but it didn't make the car spin too much. Over all the ride was great. The line moved fast, the ride is smooth, and it has such a small foot print. Great ride and a perfect addition to a park like Seabreeze. Easily the best ride in the park. It only takes up about 2/3 of the space that Quantum Loop did and the Q's station is now covering a couple vending machines as well as a tattoo stand. Theres also Dippin Dots along side it too. There a space with grass that would absolutely PERFECT for an S&S Double shot like at Holiday World. It could easily fit.

Theres no drop towers in the area and the one at MFI I believe is out of commission or has been taken down so that would be great.

We headed to the kiddie drop tower Spring! . We rode 2 years ago and thought it was great for it size. Still a fun ride. The drop sensation is great, short but great. About the most fun you could have with a tower that small. Only a 2 minute wait also. I noticed that the ride op didn't even check the restraints, just looked. Not a good idea even though it makes things faster.

Next we took a break, got some Fried Dough and headed towards Screamin Eagle, a Zamperla Hawk. It was down because someone vomited all over and they were hosing it down. We just sat and waited for it to open. About 10 minutes later it opened and we got an end seat. Good flat ride. Not super thrilling or intense but fun, and not too painful.

Next up was is the 1920 Jack Rabbit. About a 1 train wait. This ride has dispatch times that are right up there, probably faster than Raptor at CP. You sit down, wait about 5-10 seconds and go. Not seatbelts, just a lapbar. And once again the ride ops only look to see if it's checked. I sat in the back seat with pat and his mom in the front of me. As far as the ride goes, its pretty lackluster. The first drop isn't steep at all and the entire time i was just thinking, when is this going to get fast? The morgan trains track moderately smoothly but the seemed to be slowing it down. Maybe I'm just used to Blue Streak which flies through the track. Fun ride but not too intense or thrilling.

After Jack Rabbit we watched part of the Cirque en Vol, the new acrobat show, which was pretty impressive and then Pat and his family, and my mom, headed back to the water park, while my brother Kevin and I did a couple more rides. We did Whirlwind again which was fun just like the first time. This time we sat in the front of the car and I can't decide which i like better.

My brother is 8 and he is already getting to teh point of 'burnout' on coasters. He gets off so many, including the water slides, saying 'It wasn't that fun or scary", he even got off Dragster saying that too. I'm trying to explain to him it's all about just having fun, even thought they aren't as thrilling as they used to be, and thats the same problem I've been having the past 2-3 seasons.

We rode Spring again which was fun and headed back into the water park. We met up with Pat and his family as they exited to the lazy river and we did a ride on Riptide and Vortex, and then hit the Wild One slides again, which were a blast. We went to the Soak Zone section, got dumped on by the big bucket of water and played with the water guns. Fun stuff.

They decided to do a couple more slides while Kevin and I hit Whirlwind and Spring again. When we were in line I noticed on one of the cars there was a towel hanging off the wheel assembly. Before I got to the point I could tell a rid eop in had already fallen off. Great ride as always, rode in the back.

We met up at the California Cafe, grabbed our bags and left the park.

We met up with the dads at Red Lobster and pigged out. Good times. Great day at a small park.

Next up: SFDL on Friday. Doing pretty good this summer. I've been to a park every week for the past 3 weeks. Not bad considering I have parents and I live 2 hours from anything exciting.

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