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Wednesday, July 18, 2001 11:27 AM
If we have any Wayne's World fans out there (or massive headaches) you know that my title is an old Nuprin slogan. Nuprin is a headache medicine, and they are small yellow pills. Seabreeze park in Rochester, NY is a very cool little amusement park, only 10 minutes from my uncle's. He used to work there a long time ago and he said that everybody in Rochester knows about Seabreeze. It must be a little Rochester tradition.
We arrived at the park around 12 noon, and I was very interested in the odd looks of the Quantum Loop, and the huge Morgan train running on the Jack Rabbit. Admission was only 17 bucks, a good deal for the water and ride park. We hit the Jack Rabbit first.
I found the huge trains to be a bit of an eyesore, but nice to see a little bit of new technology on this puppy. It was the first time I got to see manual skid brakes in action, and it was very cool. I just love the one lap bar for both riders, leaving me plenty of rom for air. A nice little ride with good moments of airtime, and a cool finale. It was good, exactly what I was expecting from this small family park.
Next we hit the Quantum Loop, which was surprisingly simple in mechanical design for a steel coaster. Basically, a large wedge, connected to the chain, pushes the train up the lift hill. A three cycle wait, about 10 min, and we were off. The ride gives a great view of Lake Ontario, and it gives a fairly good ride. The tiny loops pull nice G's, but the rest of the layout is uneventful.
We hit the swinging ship, which was good. The Screamin' Eagle, a Zamperla Hawk, which was very good, a lot of fun. We played a few games, and I won a cool lifeguard alligator on my uncle's last ping pong ball!
Next we hit the bobsleds, the best ride at the park. This coaster totally reminded me of Jeremy Reid's personal coaster. The ride consists of three bobsled type cars, and you can fit up to five if you have really tiny kids. After a surprising 25 min. wait(it was Sat.) we rode. The ride could be classified as a converted wood to steel terrain mad mouse. It starts off going downhill into two bunny hops, and then it throws you to the left as you take a big drop. The ride is filled with three sweet whipping drops, and very fast turns. My uncle and I had a blast. Great ride.
We took one more ride on the Jack Rabbit, which was better than the first. While riding, and coming up the top of one of the hills, I was thrown, I was FLUNG way up directly into my lap bar, holy crap! It happened again, not as good as the first, very cool.
To finish the day we hit the log flume, which was a great way to finish off our short trip. Very steep, gotta love it!
Seabreeze park is all for families, but that doesn't mean an enthusiast can't have fun here. This small park told me that its not all about the "coaster wars" to be successful. It was great to see young enthusiasts preparing for the big time rides. A nice change of pace.


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