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Christmas day my wife and I were enjoying the offerings at Orlando park when we just got on Manta and were postioned face down ready to launch when the ride went in to shut down. After 25 minutes and maint doing emergncy removal of all riders we were told we could get fast passes to ride again we were a little upset to this what is standard comp when this happens to riders also has this happened fairly regularly to this ride.

That is fair compensation for the situation. It was a relatively minor delay and they gave you a pass to make up for time lost. I've never actually seen that happen before or seen manta experience a significant downtime (been going to the park roughly once a month or so the past couple years).

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Yeah, fast passes seem like decent compensation for the time lost. What were you expecting?

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At least you only waited 25 minutes, and were removed. At a CoasterBuzz event the year Superman opened at Great America, there was a group of us stuck for 45 minutes or more, in flying position in the brake run.

It sucked.

Come to think of it, the only rides I've ever been stuck on, and/or had to be manually evac'd from were either flying coasters or wing riders.

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Seems like perfectly fine compensation to me. I think many of us have been stuck in worse situations longer at parks and had no compensation.

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Yeah, frankly this was a non-event.

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Why be upset? Coasters are huge mechanical structures that have unexpected downtime. It happens. The park gave you all return fast passes to say they were sorry for your ruined ride.

I am sure it wasn't fun being stuck on the ride for that length of time, but parks don't put guests through that on purpose.

Just another day in the park I say. Did you use your fast passes later? Enjoy the ride as intended?


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My only evac was from Kraken. My only "compensated" downtime was from getting stuck on MF's lift for 20-ish minutes.

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Did I ever tell you about the time Jeff told me about the time he had to climb down the stair on S:RoS SFA?

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That story is so 2001. It has been replaced by the 2012 walk down from Expedition Everest. And they gave us a Fastpass!

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It doesnt beat being evaced out of Space Mountain, which resulted in having to jump down 6-7tft down to the platform below and the climbing around a bunch of catwalks (on the ride we got stopped just before the lift flyby.)

We got 2 use anywhere fastpasses a piece for our troubles, despite only being stuck for >15min and the ride being a walk on (night EMH.)

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I once was stuck on the log flume ride at Dorney Park for about 15 minutes. It was actually between the lift hill and the station. The logs were touching each other front and back.

First, an employee walked over in the grass to tell us the usual: "Please stay in the log and to keep our hands in the boat."

Abut five minuted later, a medical team was passing to see if anyone needed assistance. Nobody did. (Actually I was in a shady spot on a hot day and the passing water was actually refreshing.

Third, another set of employees (with a couple of people in suits) were helping people out of the logs and onto the grass. I was then asked if I needed medical assistance. When I said "No, I'm fine," I was given a coupon for a free soft drink.

Nothing more than a fair trade and a short story. (I rode it later without incident.)

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Raven-Phile said:

At a CoasterBuzz event the year Superman opened at Great America, there was a group of us stuck for 45 minutes or more, in flying position in the brake run.

Meaning you were also subjected to riding it prior to having 45 minutes to think about that after it trapped you. Evil.

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I'm curious as to how high the stalagmites of spit and gum were that day. That right there grosses me out for just 10 seconds of having to look at it.

But hanging in that position is the reason I ride BnM Flyers for the credit only. (Who am I kidding, I hate the Vekoma ones too) I'm ready to get out before I'm halfway up the lift hill. Very uncomfortable and I would not be happy having to sit there for 45 minutes.

You ever tried the dark ride at Conneaut? There's a gum wall there that is more like a gum tunnel. I almost puked, it was so slimy and gross. Definitely the scariest part of that fun little ride.

I'm not a big fan of flyers, the Superman rides were definitely one and done for me. The big exception, however, was Manta, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought it was thrilling, very well paced, and even comfortable. It was a walk-on kind of day and I rode it a lot. I've never tried Tatsu, but it looks like the daddy of 'em all that makes great use of the setting.

The Vekomas you can have. Ugh.

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I actually give Manta the edge over Tatsu (Manta seemed more complete to me), but both are nice departures from the generic nature of the other flyers.

That said, I enjoy the Superman Ultimate Flight trio, so there ya go.

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I'm not sure that I could say whether Manta or Tatsu is better, but they are both miles ahead of any other flyer (B&M or Vekoma) out there.

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In terms of the ride layout, I think Manta is definitely the best ride on a flyer. But the views from Tatsu combined with the layout make it the best one out there, in my opinion. I'll never forget the night rides during Fright Fest this past October. Incredible stuff.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

I love Manta, thoroughly enjoy the Vekoma flyers and their intensity, feel meh about SUF.

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I also love the Vekomas (other than reliability and capacity). The flip at the top is much more exciting, the layout is far superior to the S:UF layout, and I'd much rather be on my back than prone in the brakes.

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