Sea World Halloween Spooktacular 10/15/05

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After a second day in a row of a rousing breakfast at Waffle House, off to SWO.

Again, I had my mother with me, as it was her first trip. She, like myself, grew up going to SW Ohio. While we were all sad of that parks demise, everyone, even my girlfriend who has not been there in 7 years, looked forward to a great day. I am excited to bring new people to a park for the first time.

Weather. Hot, high 70's. Perfect. Crowds were surprisingly not overwhelming. SW set up trick or treat stops for the kids, along with crafts for them, and cookie decorating. They had live entertainment at the base of the tower, which was closed, (ugghh), and out front of the Wild Artic.

I did all the main stuff, fed the dolphins and got a photo, fed the stingrays, and even fed the sharks. Yes, sharks. The Clyde and Seamore Ghostly Cruise was funny as usual. Clyde refused to do about 6 tricks. 8/10.

Saw the incredible 'Blue Horizons' Dolphin show. Did anyone notice that the trainers did not once ever talk on a microphone to the dolphins. This was a Vegas caliber show, with acrobats, and well trained birds. 10/10. What can I say. You have to see it to believe it. Period.

Shamu Adventure was great. I have saw the same show since 2001, but with all the whales, it is still spectacular. Instead of the usual opening with the Eagle swooping down and grabbing the fish, they showed the Bud commercial with the soldiers walking through the airport, and people clapping.

I think it was proper to ask servicemen to stand up and be recognized. Its Augie Busch's park, and he can do that. The show went off without a hitch. 10/10.

Had a great dinner at the 'Shark Grill', right next to the tanks. You can't ask to be closer to the action. 10/10. That is the place to eat.

Walking around Shamu Stadium is most of the Halloween gigs for the kids. They decorated giant pumpkins with flippers and tail fins to look like fish. Good times.

Journey to Atlantis was a walk on after 8pm. I rode it twice in 15 minutes. 8/10. Kracken only had 1 train, and a crew that farted around. 2 rides in 25 minutes. 9/10. Always 2 trains on. No excuses. Wild Artic was a 20 minute wait. 8/10. Those are the best operators in the park.

The games area was well staffed, and I won a giant penguin at Whac-a-Mole, which I had to go buy a bag at Wal Greens to get it on the plane. They also added a fountain show similar to Bellagio's in the lagoon. Very good. 7/10.

Also, not enough medium and large in shirt sizes in the shops, and hardly any logo polos up front. Mr. Retail Director, you are lazy. I will take you to school. You need to treat that park like SW Ohio with a 100 day season, and be stocked. Not everyone wants to buy pumpkin sweatshirts.

Back to see the Spirit of Shamu. I did not recognize the first whale, dressed in a Batman Cape and mask. Just kidding. It was a standard night show, but again, jazzed up with fireworks, fog, and Shamu #3 soaking the entire bottom seating area. 10/10.

This a great place to be with families. I capped the night off be getting ice cream at Ghiradellis in Downtown Disney. If you tip the girls running food, you get a fast clean table.

Sea World Orlando is still Florida's best park.

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