SEA WORLD 1-6-03

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My girl friend & I rode Kracken roller coaster 5 times in a row in the morning.Kraken roller coaster is a very awesome ride. We like riding Kraken in the first seat or the last seat.Because you really feel like your riding off the track. Which is a awesome feeling. After 5 rides in a row on Kraken we took in a ride on Wild Arctic which you can chose if you want to ride it on foot or by the motion side. Aand after the ride you can see up close the Polar bears and other Wild Arctic animals. We even took in in a Shamu show which is a really geat show.And if you are seatting in the splash zone you will be getting soaked.We ate lunch at Anheuser-Bush Hospitality Center.Were youi can sample different beers there.You can even go to beer school to learn more about Anheuser beers which is free.I really recommend eating here.So we ended our day at Sea World with for in a row rides on Kraken roller coaster.And on our 4th run we rode Kraken in the front row.And all together we rode Kraken roller coaster a total of 9 times.

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SWO rocks! That place was just so awesome and one of the highlights of Orlando!4


It's Kraken.

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