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On a trip to Orlando last week, my wife and I decided to visit Sea World for 2 reasons. Our 10th Wedding Anniversary (we went there o our honeymoon), and the fact that the entry was free since we are Busch Garden Williamsburg Platinum Pass Holders.

We were pleasantly surprised that all of the member benefits of our Busch Gardens passes transferred to Sea World, including preferred parking and discounts on items purchased in the park.

We survived the Kracken roller coaster......and then came Manta! Manta was one of the best roller coasters I've experienced. Positioned face down on the ride gave it a flying experience that I really enjoyed.

I do have to say we were a little disappointed in the changes in the Orca and Dolphin shows. They just didn't seem as exciting as we remembered them. It seemed the trainers did less with the animals than they used to, and the dolphin show was mostly ballet and trapeze artists. They put on a beautiful show, but we were there to see the dolphins, not people performing.

The mime at the Sea Lion Show was just as funny as he was 10 years ago. I don't know if it was the same guy, but it seemed so.

The really disappointing thing to me, though, was the basic rudeness of the employees. There were a couple who were nice, but all too many of them seemed as if they did not like their jobs. Maybe we just caught them all on a bad day. I certainly hope so. If not, Sea World needs to do some reevaluations.

All in all it was a great trip and my wife and I loved it. Brought back some happy memories and served as a further reminder of the beautiful woman I married. Not that I ever forgot or no longer think she's beautiful...she certainly is, and those memories serve to support that.

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Glad the IT worked even if the employees were suboptimal. :)

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