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Sunday, May 4, 2003 7:25 PM
We got to the park right around 10 and immediately got in the season pass line to get our passes processed. One perk we found today was their upgrade to a season pass. Once you buy your ticket, you can upgrade that ticket to a season pass for $24.99. Now they have always offered this option however, we were not aware that regardless of the price you pay for the ticket, you can upgrade for $24.99. We received a coupon with our season pass vouchers for bring a friend for 9.99. So you guessed it, we paid 9.99 for our daughter and then upgraded it to a season pass. So we got our daughter a season pass for $35, can't beat that. Processing was quick and speedy and the staff was great.

Well what can I say about RWB. The first half of the ride still sucks with the G-train. I think the G-train actually made it worse because there's is no padding what-so-ever on them. It still shuffled and bounced around horribly. However, you could definately tell where all the work has been done. Once you get into the second half of the ride the train does track quite well and is dare I say smooth. Smoother than Villain. Too bad it's just uneventful. If the park is smart they will re-do the first half of the ride next year and THEN RWB will be reborn. I will give kudos to the ops on this ride, the were the best in the park.

Batman - I sat in the back row right seat and the first half of the ride kicked ass. The second half still had the vibration in the back that was there last year. Still a great ride and my favorite in the park. Two train operation with no stacking.

Villain was running fast and furious. One train op. I'd still like to see how PTCs would run on this.

X-Flight, one train, long line, need I say more. Didn't bother to ride.

While the whale show was good, Shouka has a way to go. She knows what she's supposed to do but it takes her a little bit to get started. She has a great relationship with her trainers which is awesome. Like I said good show, but not Sea World caliber yet.

We also caught the Skip and Dudley show which other people said was still the same as last year's. It was really funny and the otter's are just too cute. This show is Sea World caliber.

We also saw the show in Dolphin Cove which was good.

As soon as I got into the Big Dipper station the train got stuck on the brakes. Didn't even make to the unload station. Maint. was there in a jiffy and had it fixed within a few minutes. Why don't they just change the brakes to magnetics? It wouldn't effect the ride, would fix downtime such as I described and they would be to run both trains routinely.

Double Loop was Double Loop and we rode RRE about 12 times (24 laps). This is a great coaster for kids and fun for the adults too. This is my daughters favorite, can't you tell.

Didn't feel like having a Vekoma hangover so didn't ride Mind Eraser, Serial Thriller or

Rides not operating due to construction:
BelAire Express and Skyscraper. SUE could be down due to the construction also but have not heard that for sure.

Rides just not operating:
Texas Twister

I was quite surprised to find that most of the rides were operating today and due to low crowds, we rode just about everything and still had time to see 3 shows.

I didn't find the employees any different than any other year. Most just seemed to be there doing their job and not much else. Other than the RWB crew and the season pass office employees, no one really seemed to want to be there.

All-in-all, we had a great day and a ton of fun. Park was clean, not crowded, walk-on conditions all day (except X-Whatever) and perfect weather. Food is overpriced but I guess you'll have that. I've found when this park isn't busy, it's great. When it's busy, it's bad. Here's to hoping they get it right this year and keep it good all the time.


Sunday, May 4, 2003 7:59 PM
Its the one-train operation on Villian and X-Flight that is going to make this park seem like they dont care about capacity. Especially since X-Flight had a long line.

I really enjoyed the park when I was there last year, but knowing they have fierce competition just to the west of them, they better kick it into high gear.

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

Monday, May 5, 2003 4:54 AM
In fairness to them, Villain did not need a second train. It was literally walk in the station, sit down and go yesterday. From what I understand they did run two trains on opening day. Technically they didn't need two trains on Batman either. Again walk in the station, sit down and go, unless you wanted the front which was maybe a 2 train wait.

X-Flight is the one that is going to kill them. This ride has low capacity even when it runs two trains. Between the goofy restraint system that people have a hard time figuring out and getting into and ride ops that just take their time, this ride always has a long slow line. The second train isn't even on the track yet.

Monday, May 5, 2003 10:24 AM
You're so full of crap Loriu. XF had a long line huh? The longest it was all day was 2 queues and that was after the opening rush. Thats 25 minutes tops, even if the crew "takes their time." It never exceeded the steps after 1:00 and it was no more than a few train wait.

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