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Well I went to Missouri and Iowa for spring break and took a day at Silver Dollar City, Worlds of Fun, and Adventureland. Here are my thoughts on each park:

Silver Dollar City is located in the Ozark Mountains so what more can I say besides that the park was beautiful. My first ride was on Thunderation. Overall it was a fun ride, you can face forward or backward. The cool thing about this mine train coaster is that you don't go up the lift hill until the end of the ride. I give it a 7/10 rating. Next I went on Wildfire for my first of what would be 23 rides that day (including 7 and 12 rides in a row without getting off). Did I mention there were no crowds? lol. Wildfire has a great first drop when in the back seat! The ride is smooth and has pretty good theming. 9.5/10. Then I visited Buzzsaw Falls. I'd have to say that I was upset with the lack of getting wet on this ride, however it was indeed a unique experience. The transfer from water ride to coaster is smooth and cool. 8/10. Next was Fire In the Hole. This little ride has unexpected drops on it and superb theming. 8.5/10. The whole park is great and has cool rides and attractions including a neat water gun area that is huge. You can have some intense water fights with your friends. Also, the train ride was the best I have ever been on. There is a fake robbery and hilarious skit that takes place during the ride. They also have a cool tree house and fun house. The only complaint I had was that it took 45 min just to get into the park, including buying tickets and going through the turnstyles...and it wasn't even crowded. Overall this park gets a 10/10, I had a great day.

Next was Worlds of Fun. The crowds weren't bad here either, with 15 min being the longest wait. I was very upset that the Orient Express wasn't operation due to an electrical malfunction that occurred a week or two before (why did it take so long to fix?). However, I enjoyed riding the Timber Wolf 8/10, Boomerang 7/10, and Mamba (MY 100th COASTER!!!)9/10. Also, some other fun rides at the park were: Cyclone Sams and Detonator. Overall the park gets a 7.5/10 because they couldn't get the Orient Express operational in 2 weeks time and the go-carts were too slow :(

Last but not least was Adventureland! No lines whatsoever and some fun rides. First was Tornado, which is a woodie that delivers some nice floating air in the back seat 8/10. Then I went on Dragon which was a little more rough than it looks and has some pretty intense g's, 7/10. Then I tried out the Outlaw, which proved to be quite fun with sharp turns and some nice airtime, 9/10. The Underground was next, it was more of a childrens ride, however I still liked the theming, 6/10. And finally, I absolutely loved the 200 foot tall Space Shot! Plenty of air and once again no lines ( 25 rides in one day, 15 in a row without getting off!)10/10. The park also has many flat rides that are pretty cool. Overall I give the park a 9/10.

MMM Giant Pretzel @ Great America *drool*

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