SDC new for 2007

They have anounced their new ride "The Giant Swing". What type of ride is this? You can find the official page at:

That's an easy one. It's another installation of the S&S swings that have been put in at Kennywood,Lake Compounce, Valleyfair and Cedar Point.
Here's the wikipedia article on it:

That barn wrapped around it looks sweet.
You guys are crazy, whenever any news is released you guys are on it like snot to an oven. Good job my fellow coaster nerds, good job. ;)

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It's nice to know you can always count on them to dig up the dirt and post it in a convenient place for the rest of us. ;)

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^ "Them"? ;)
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Oh boy the ride I suguested to them in the survey got picked. I can't wait for next year at Silver Dollar City. This park has growing like a mushroom in the past 3 seasons. I remember the day when SDC was a small park. I hope they'll have open on time by March 15th, 2007.

Also FYI Celebration City will be still be open for 2007 despite park closing rumors. Opening day for CC is May 4, 2007. The shcedule can be seen here *** Edited 10/18/2006 7:11:13 AM UTC by Sawblade5***

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I'm assuming that the Silo is an Air Tank.

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Also FYI Celebration City will be still be open for 2007 despite park closing rumors.

I've not heard such rumors. In fact the two days I was there this past June the place was packed. Sure, they need to ditch those two steel torture contraptions passing for coasters and maybe introduce a new flat but otherwise the park seemed to be doing fine.

^They have been having surveys about what would you rather see done with the Celebration City lot. Most of the them reminded me of a Downtown Disney with large themed restaurants and upscale shopping. However with that new European resort coming in next door I think it will do just fine.
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Thanks, Swoosh. While I enjoyed the park IMHO the only thing worth saving is OZ Wildcat. It'll be interesting to see what transpires.
Well this was only the 3rd year it has been open and it is still trying to decide what it wants to be when it grows up. I honestly think it would be a mistake to close the place, but with them giving away the gate this year it does make me nervous about how much longer it will be a park.
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Re: CC's two steel *contraptions*. Now T-Bolt (the Windstorm model), I can kinda understand your feelings, Moosh...but I loved the Miler, can't imagine it's gotten THAT bad...

OTOH, Scandia's Miler certainly didn't seem to be aging too gracefully either... ;)

Jack Rabbit has NEVER been a coaster that was worth riding. It hurts like HELL.
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I've loved that thing since year 1. Send it to Adventureland. :)

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Celebration City just needs to get itself a true identity. Ozark Wildcat was a great foundation to the park. The scenery was great too. I think I like Jackrabbit. But they need to add to it so people will want to return to it. They keep adding to Silver Dollar City but do nothing for Celebration City. I understand that SDC has a better ROI probably but how many people even pay gate for Celebration City anyway. Wouldn't you just rather get a 3 day pass anyway?

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Acoustic Viscosity said:I've loved that thing since year 1. Send it to Adventureland.

What, Dragon isn't "getting it" for you any more? What an absolute piece of....ummmm, steel... :~P

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