SDC Launches New Website for Giant Swing

New website launched for the Giant Swing -- includes a new video and it looks as if the Swing won't be the ONLY thing added to this area as it appears some kid-power towers are also in the new area and one other ride that I am not sure what it is.

This park has bean growing like crazy in the last few years!

I went there before Power Keg.

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Another Keith animation....

Making the ride look a hell of a lot funner than it's going to be ;)

Oh come on, Screamin' Swings are a lot of fun and think how much more fun it will be to fly over trees as opposed to cement. :) Not to mention you are in a barn and that is way cooler than anything else thus far. ;)
The only thing Keith forgot was to have one of the sides broken down and we'd be all set.
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Looks like a long ride cycle. ;)

AV Matt
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What's the address for Keith's new site again?
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AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Skyhawk's looked like a long ride cycle too. But, it isn't. Website originaly said it would have a 2 minute ride cycle. It has now been corrected to 1 minute. I rode it all year and it is definatly no longer than 1 minute.

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SDC's got their slogan right: "...this swing will leave you screaming for more." Yes, it certainly will, because it's too damn short of a cycle.
Swoosh, the theme looks great, I was mainly refering to the animation looking like it's the longest ride ever. I guess it's not that big of a deal, I was just really dissapointed when I rode Skyhawk.

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Hamster Boy said:I went there before Power Keg.

Me too....but I'm glad I got on BSF...

Interesting to note: rcdb calls BSF/P-Keg one ride...I find that really interesting because of the AMOUNT of work done (based on visual inspection, not having P-Keg myself)...then I went and checked on PR/SP from Da least Duane's consistent (and apparently doesn't "double-count".

PhantomTails said:
The only thing Keith forgot was to have one of the sides broken down and we'd be all set.

I know Cedar Point and Valleyfair operated only one arm when the ride wasn't filling up for capacity. Downtime had its affect on them as well though.

Great rides, to short. (that sums it up)

Wasn't the reason that Valleyfair's Xtreme Swing running the "soft" program because it kept having maintenance problems? That was what we were told at Coaster Craze (and why only one arm was open -- I guess they just barely got THAT one open before the event).
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^ To the VERY best of my knowlege, there is just the one program that offers 2-3 swings at max height....that's all I've *ever* seen. And wow have these things cropped up weeds. Rode enough of 'em already, had no problem passing up the one at ValleyFair! They're already "been there, done that" as far as I'm concerned...

signed, the jaded one....

I would say this is the next "S&S spaceshot" ride -- as it you will soon see one at every park.

From June 'till they busted it, VF's program was nuckin' futz. Even the very first half-swing from standstill rated a 'Whoa.' The One Good Swing (TM) was more like three.

After several weeks of downtime, it was back to its tamed opening-weekend self. Sigh.

There are differences and slight variations between the individual installations. CP's beegest-tallest-fastestestest model brakes from the final full swing much more gradually than VF's.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

^Oh Shoot -- he came back. I TOLD YOU at Coaster Craze that you couldn't stay away forever. :) Welcome back CO!

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