SDC and CC - May 28, 2003

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We got to SDC at 9am to begin a 2 park day. After they let us to the rides we walked to Thunderation because it usually has the longest line of all the coasters there. We rode is 3 times, smooth except the bottom of the big hill that I hate with the almost floater air out of the helix. We decided to ride the shoot-‘em-up boat ride. I beat my sister 114 to 50 or 60. We then decided to go to Wildfire but sadly, it was down.L We went to Buzzsaw Falls and rode in the second row. Some advice, going out of the station, the car gets off of the track and dips into the water creating a wave of water rushing into the back row of the car soaking the people there. If you want to stay as dry as possibly, ride in the 2nd or 3rd row. After that, we rode Fire in the Hole, one of my favorites. Checked back on Wildfire, they said they didn’t know when it would open so we decided to watch a show. It was the 30th anniversary show in the saloon. After riding Thunderation, the shoot-‘em-up ride and Fire in the Hole, we decided to leave at 2 because it was getting boring without Wildfire.LWe got to Celebration City at 3:30, 30 minutes after it opened. It seemed like we had our own private park.J The themeing is great for a new park or any park. It is great in its first season and with HFE (formerly SCD, Inc.) owning it, it can only get better. We walked to the double shot first, but my sister didn’t want to ride it wet because everyone would look at us. So we went to ride the windstorm. It’s a fun and disorienting ride with a twisting drop so steep I was almost standing on the front of the car. J Next was Ozark Wildcat! The ride looked so slow on MIG but it definitely isn’t. I loved the sound of the wheels on the track going out of the station. It lets you know experienced people spent a lot of time and effort making the trains. We rode it first in the middle, then the 2nd row and the 1st row. We spent some time in the arcade (what a waste of money for us).We then rode Jackrabbit. 95% of guests hate that ride (I’m neutral). Because of the I-beam construction of the track, the transitions and banked turns are hard to make smooth so the ride is rough. Along with the uncomfortable trains that that have lap bars that only go halfway up my thigh and the tight turns; the having to hold on and trying to not get hurt makes the ride not fun.We finally went to ride the double shot, my first S&S ride since Detonator the season after Mamba opened. Then I was afraid of all thrill rides (except for Schwarzkopf Wildcats). That space shot got rid of my fear of roller coasters, but it was the end of the day and I didn’t get to ride a coaster until Titan in 2001. Back to CC, the Mexican looking ride op it great, he was very interactive and enjoyable, I hope he stays enthusiastic throughout the season. We went to Mickey’s Pizza were they play college fight songs, they were in the Big XII and got to listen to Oklahoma State’s (my sister’s, dad’s, and grandpa’s alma mater) but sadly had to listen to OU’s the most repetitive non-rock song ever. After riding Wildcat and the Windstorm and beind told I look like Dawson from Dawson’s Creek by the ride op at the back on Wildcat. We left 15 minutes before the laser show because it was feeling sick.Wow that was a lot of words. lol

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