SDC - Time Traveller

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Vertcial Drop out of the station. Multiple launches and inversions. Mack spinner.

16 riders per train.

Seems like a lot of fun, but $26M!?

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Looks great.

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Looks like a better version of the one at BGT which I was totally meh about. Personally, I think the ride looks good enough without the spinning element of it, but whatevs, people like that stuff.


I kinda wish they'd have a stationary car. The ride looks amazing but I don't think I could handle that degree of disorientation.

video of ride on youtube

it was too be expected that Mackrides would build a coaster based on their mega-coastertrack with spinning coaches one day, but such a big one? wow..

I do wonder how fast that spinning will be and how it will affect many of the riders.

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