Screechfest, Lesordsville Lake 8/10/02

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Tuesday, August 13, 2002 9:55 AM

Something I have been waiting for a long time happened last saturday. My first ACE event for one and a chance for many enthusiast to come and visit a traditional gem right here in SW Ohio.

The day started off with my brother and I enjoying some pancakes with apple filling :)~

We get to the park right at noon and find Sean, Todd Long and several other ACER's welcoming us. We get our ERT bands and nametags and in the park we go.

Brian (swOHman) and kendrick saving for college showed up as regular P.O.P. Customers to share the day with us.

Well we enter the park and The flying Eagles are not open yet so we go take a ride on Serpent with no line yet. I like this Galaxie expecially for it's unbraked finaly.

The flyers were open after riding Serpent so Me, My Brother, Brian, Kendrick, Sean Flahrity, Todd Long and a few others went over to show that these flyers are indeed very snappable.

Well for the first hour or two, The flyers were crammed full of ACER's tryin to snap the unsnappable flyers :) THose of us who had done it before looked really impressive against the rookies but later in the day several people had them mastered for some of the hardest snapping of any flyers out there. I even taught a few people how to do it like Adam from Columbus and Phyills Withers asked me what she was doing wrong so I stood outside and obsevered a bit and when she started to dive, I yelled Turn out now! What followed was one of the hardest snaps ever! :)

Oh gosh, I really don't know where to go but we just enjoyed going around and riding everything expecially the flyers and Eagle (Which everyone seemed to love and even giggle when I call it Timbers South!)

3pm offered up a great grill out meal and meeting complete with watermellon and fudge brownies :) A package of several rides on eagle after normal ert and several other nice prizes were raffled with all money to go to the Preservation Fund. It was only at the picnic that I realized just how many had come and I was impressed. A guestimate by me is about 75-100 attendees, But I only counted about 60 for ERT.

Between 4pm and 5pm more rides on the flyers. One ride we got on at 4:50pm and with many snappers we enjoyed a hugely long ride, SO much so that I aked the operator to stop it after what seemed a long time. (See we had a group photo at 5pm and we almost missed it)

After the photo, Those of us who were on the flyers before the photo went back and were snapping like crazy. It was at the end of the ride that my brother noticed his cable comming out of the loop that connects to the tub. This happened once on the fourth of July to Rob Wilson (BGW) but after going back to the back to ride the Rock o plane, Flume and Scrambler we returned to find 4 tubs with cable problems and a forklift lifting the tubs so they could work on the cables. Needless to say, Snapping was barred for the night.

We enjoyed many other rides and really if it hadn't been for snapping being banned, I would not have discovered what a great ride a Zipper really is. I am a rather large guy and I have asked many people simular to my size and they said they could ride but barely so I really never went over to try it before now.

Me and Kendrick on the Zipper, THIS RIDE IS INSANE! we flat out loved it and took 3 rides :)

About 8pm the power went out in the park. Everyone seemed to stand around ect or try to watch them get the generator going for the skyride but after about 20 minutes we realized there was still things we could do. The speedway cars were open as were the giant slide and the paddle boats. The fun house was still open too without the working effects.

9:20 and after shutting everything down the park got the electric going again and we were on the first ride out on Screechin Eagle following the power failure :)

I kinda think ERT kinda started early with some GP mixxed in as we went till about 11:15 and then they gave the lucky 18 who won the raffle multiple completely dark rides.

I'd like to say hi to all the ACERs I met and thank everyone for comming. I also would like to thank all those who put this together. It really apeared to me that nobody was dissapointed.

Chuck, Lesourdsville Lake Lover, Nungester

Charles Nungester.
Visit Lesourdsville Lake :) Park phone is (513)539-2193

Tuesday, August 13, 2002 2:22 PM
It really IS Timbers South! LOL. That was truly the best Americana visit I have ever had. The event went extremely well, and though snapping was cut short, I appreciated your tips! Now to conquer the portables....
Brad Sherman
"Well sir, there's nothin' on earth like a genuine bona fide electrified 6-car Monorail!"
Model coasters and rides
Tuesday, August 13, 2002 10:17 PM
Brad, at least we got to blame the funhouse for draining all the power. I too had a blast at Screech Fest, especially riding now one of my favorite woodies. Car 1, Seat 2 of the train is where you get the best air time. I think Brad will agree with me on that one.

Bill Yost
"I never rode a B&M I didn't like.":)


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