Screamride Demo XBox One Review

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Busy Buying Spygear on Amazon So They can Hide Out In The Bushes At Cedar Point's Winter Event and Find Out What's REALLY Going On Around The Good Time Theater,

In case you haven't seen it yet, the demo is out for Screamride on Xbox One. It's not REALLY all that is a demo after all.

It has 3 playable levels. You have some type of race to the end of the coaster. You have a destruction mode. Followed by a third category of build it mode.

Graphics don't feel AT ALL Xbox One...more like early xbox 360 era. Just very blah, lots of water, grey, yellow, white, and some blue.

Each category has one beginner playable level. You can replay over and over if you wish. You're goal is to get a 5 star ranking...kind of like Angry Birds. I can tell you it's pretty hard to do. You also have sub goals to achieve.

The race one you have to hit X right before leaving certain blue segments to get a boost meter filled. You basically want to finish fast, and ride the car/train on two wheels (by rocking back and fourth) the whole time.

Yes you can lose people/throw them out...but they never die, they just go into the water and an animation shows them later being pulled out.

City always gets rebuilt and you can destroy things many times.

The destruction mode you basically have a carnival ride and you control the speed and you have to take out the city by releasing variations of it's cabin, or seat and send it hurtling in the air. You can control it in the air up to a point. It is kind of hard to hit certain targets...but not impossible. Kind of fun for a moment.

The builder you can pretty much build anything anyway...It reminds me wayyyyy more of Disney Coaster though than anything. Nothing like what is coming out this year.

Right now it feels like a $20 game.

Not sure how much more they can go above the demo without feeling repetitive from what I see.

But's free to go play right now...and free is good.


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I think the game overlooks the thing that made the original RCT so popular: People really like to build stuff in a realistic fashion. "Cartoony" is OK only if it coincides with some kind of interpreted realism. Just controlling the speed of a roller coaster negates this.

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