Scooby Doo at Movie World, Gold Coast

Sunday, December 23, 2001 11:51 AM
Has anyone heard any rumours on this? Other than hearing it will be a coaster of some sorts, there's little info on the web.

Any ideas?


Monday, December 24, 2001 2:21 AM
My guess it simply a major re-theme of the old gremlins ride, to co-incide with the movie release, which was filmed at Warner Bros Movie World, Australia.

I could be wrong... Hopefully!!!

Home Park: Wonderland Sydney, Australia

Monday, December 24, 2001 2:32 AM
Screamscape has the most info so far. It says that it will also replace WB Classics. I forgot, what was it? Also wasn't Young Einstein's Gravity Homestead removed as well? If so damn, as it's my namesake. :)

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