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Good morning, my fellow Coasterbuzzers! It is 5 in the morning, the sky is blue and looks to be a wonderful day. I have a little bit of free time on my hands so I'll write a quick overdue, overseas report. In Schweinfurt, Germany, there was a volksfest (a fair/carnival) that I went to. I went there a few nights during it's 10 day course. It was held at a parking lot of a stadium (a soccer stadium) and was a unique experience. To see a huge fair, it's rides, buildings, beer tent, and rollercoaster being built from scratch in a few days was amazing.

Opening night was packed, packed, packed! There was people everywhere and the only way to get from ride to ride was taking 6-inch steps. Extremely packed (get the point). Okay, the atmosphere was crowded and loud. Riders screaming, announcers blaring in German at the gaming stands, and loud music (mostly techno) blasting over the speakers, this is not-your-ordinary carnival. They had a space-shot ride which I had never seen a transportable one. A bunch of flat rides, bumper cars, carousel, and more. A very huge ferris wheel (judging by the rides and the buildings, I can say it was a 180 foot model), a bunch of spinning rides that were cool, a very cool looking haunted house with great lighting effects and animatronics (Michael Jackson's "Thriller" gave everybody waiting in line something to groove to). Speaking about Thriller, let's now talk about "Thriller" (known to Americans now as the Texas Tornado)'s brother, the Olympia Looping rollercoaster.

I have already ridden the Texas Tornado (back in 2000) and it was a very intense ride (Highest G-Force in the World 6.5, SBNO today). I saw this rollercoaster being built from day one so I was very anxious to ride it. I will have to say that it really wowed me. Unlike the rough Texas Tornado, the back seat of this five-looper is the most glass smooth rollercoaster that I have ever ridden in my life (I
have ridden 280+ now)! When compared to any looping rollercoaster, whether old or brand new, this one beats it hands down. I was totally, totally shocked that any rollercoaster could be like that (especially one that is more than 10 years old and have 5 loops). The train travels very, very rapidly through the course (I believe it is the Longest Transportable rollercoaster in the World) due to the non-existent jerks, bumps or whatever. The front seat is the seat that is the most powerful. It is still smooth but you definately feel the G-Forces (5.0) because the train enters the loops at a fast pace, crushing those in the front. The turns, helixes are severly banked at 90 degrees. It is a very cool ride and very similar to the Texas Tornado (tire-lift hill, severly-banked steep first drop, circular loops, accordian-style shoulder restraints). The restraints, however, do not ever clamp down on you and the ride-ops do not even push the restraint on your shoulders - a much, much better experience than the TX Tornado. It costs 4,50 euro to ride. For your knowledge, on Wednesdays in any German Volksfest, it is half price for all rides - so yall know where I really racked up the rides. Bottom line - no matter what the price, if the Olympia Looping comes to you, ride it! You won't regret it. . .

Prost! (Cheers!) The beer tent, well forget a tent, try a huge two-story enclosed building with stage for bands and lots of German beer, was packed full too! Huge jugs of beer and more being served and the music was great too. Order some bratwurst or schnitzel, some beer and sing along to the music! One night, I was amused to see a building full of drunk Germans (no offense), singing to the "YMCA." These people know how to have a good time. . .

Also on Opening and Closing nights, they had huge fireworks displays. The one on opening night was nearly 14 minutes long and full of the very big fireworks - one of the best displays I have seen. Overall, I'm glad that I got to ride the famous Olympia Looping rollercoaster and to take part in a popular German volksfest. Just adding more stories to tell to my friends and family when I get back home.

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I am German, and a lot of my family lives there, thay do know how to have a great time! Just wait untill the Octoberfest comes along! Great TR btw,

P.S. Did they serve the bier warm?

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Yeah, I can't wait until the Oktoberfest either. The bier was both warm and cold. Did you know that McDonalds serves bier here too? I would like a #2, maxi size, and a bier, to go. . .

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Cool TR!


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I'd like a happy meal with a warm Beck's dark to go...;)...Prosit! Thanks for the TR, always good to read about stuff on the other side of the pond...

P.S. Anton rocks....we miss you, Herr Achterbahn.....

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