Saturday, November 4, 2000 3:06 AM
Theres so much talk going on about badly ageing coasters. And its obvious that some of the modern steelies are just built for a proper five year lifespan.
Yesterday i had the chance to ride one of th efew remaining travelling Schwarzkopf coasters. Its the "Alpina Bahn" which used to be called "Himalaya Bahn" when it opened in 1983!!!
Its a giant family coaster without inversions, but a similar dimensions to the Schwarzkopf loopers. I didnt ride it for ten years now, and riding it now just belew me away!!!!
This thing just got wilder, but its still smooth. (bear in mind that it is dismantled and transported about ten times a year!)
The best thing about it: there are just lapbars which are not pushed down on you, in fact i just closed them a little bit and the operator didnt care. There are no headrests as well, so the cars give you an original coaster feeling.
This baby gives you airtime on unexpected parts, and i mean, long sustained out of your seat airtime.
You feel that this was designed before computers didi the designing, there are some aczion packed curves and you get really massive laterals on points where you think the ride is already over.
It is a classic and i hope it will travel the fairs much longer.
Did anyone of yu know this coaster?
Saturday, November 4, 2000 10:34 AM
Yes I do,
in the years between it was also travellinng Germany as the Achter-8-Bahn before being given that Bavarian theme of Alpinabahn

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