Schlitterbahn launches iPhone app and new mobile site

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[Ed. note: The following is a press release. -J]

Schlitterbahn Waterparks, America’s first family of world-class waterpark destinations and resorts, is proud to offer, beginning November 20, a free App that enhances trip planning and the guest experience during a visit to Schlitterbahn.

Interactive App features include:

  • Family and Friend Finder – keep track of your family and friends throughout the park
  • Hill Country Christmas Show Scheduler – create your own “to-do” listing of showtimes
  • Interactive Park Maps – with locater and “what’s near me” features including attractions, food locations, lockers, restrooms, shopping and additional guest services
  • Schlitterbahn Twitter – follow SchlitterTweet’s updates on insider park events and information
  • Social Media – send your friends and followers instant updates through Facebook and Twitter

Mobile Website and Additional App features include:

  • Admission Prices and “purchase your tickets now” feature
  • Attraction Descriptions, photos, in-park locations and safety ratings
  • Common Questions
  • Driving Directions
  • Food locations
  • Guest Amenities
  • Hours of Operation
  • Park Weather and Forecasts
  • Phone Numbers
  • Shopping

Park guests are encouraged to rate and share the Schlitterbahn App with friends and to enjoy the application compliments of the Schlitterbahn family of waterparks!

Schlitterbahn’s Hill Country Christmas opens weekends beginning Friday, November 20.

Family-owned and operated, Schlitterbahn Waterparks has been a leader in family water entertainment since 1979. The company operates three parks in Texas and the new Schlitterbahn Vacation Village Waterpark located in Kansas, all of which offer family amenities that include free parking and free inner tubes. Guests are also welcome to bring a family picnic basket, excluding alcoholic beverages and glass containers, into the parks.

Cool idea, but I leave my cell phone in a locker at water parks.


Lord Gonchar's avatar

Exactly the kind of personal technological advances we've been expecting inside the parks.

(in fact, some of us are downright visionaries ;) )

LostKause's avatar

Free is great. I'm all for it.

Now, do apps like this work on an Ipod touch?

^As long as wifi is available.

LostKause's avatar

Of course. That's great!

I do find it interesting that a water park, of all places, is offering a service to an electronic device. At first it doesn't seem to make sense, but then you look at what the services are, and most of them are useful before your visit.

Lord Gonchar's avatar

Yeah, but the three that mean anything are clearly meant to be used in the park. Beyond those first three (finder, scheduler, maps) it's just pretty much a mobile web thing...and nothing particularly interesting or innovative.

One one problem: who has a waterproof iPhone?

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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I disagree, Gonch. I see it being used to familiarize oneself with the park before visiting.

...Now if it told how long each line was, that'd be a different story.

Lord Gonchar's avatar

What good is a "What's Near Me" feature if you're not in the park?

What good is a "Friends & Family Finder" if you're not in the park?

What good is a "Scheduler" if you're not using it in the park?

Beyond those three things, the rest is just mobile web stuff that any phone or browser can already access.

LostKause's avatar

Okay. You are correct. Now I think that it's stupid. lol

This would be a great opportunity for the Apple Store to set up an IPhone replacement stand near the exit of the park. lol "Purchase your new 'dry and working' IPhones here to replace the one that you ruined on the Master Blaster!"

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