Schlitterbahn Congo animatronics video

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Check this out, dark ride fans...

I think this is the closest thing we've seen to a dark ride without shooting stuff in awhile, and it's a water ride of all things!

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I read that this is a re-themed tube chute from the old side of the park. I'm having such a hard time envisioning how they were able to fit any type of enclosure and theming elements around any of the tube chutes. I remember everything being SO tightly packed on that side of the park.

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Considering the fabulous integration of dark-ride theming into the Dragon Blaster -> Dragon's Revenge transformation, it would be wise to keep an eye on how Schlitterbahn continues to lead the way in the evolution of waterparks. And that Siebert guy just keeps getting wackier... :)

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Looks cool, I really need to get to one of these parks one day.

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