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I've never been, but have heard for years how it's one of the best waterparks around.

So I looked up on (I like their aerial and birds eye coaster views) and I'm a bit confused. This map doesn't look like that big of a park, nor do I see a great number of slides. And where is the Master Blaster?

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The park is split up into two (or three) different smaller waterparks. Follow North Liberty AVE North or South to see the rest. The two Northernmost parks were recently connected via a very long lazy river type ride. I believe that to get to the Southernmost park (the one with the Master Blaster), you can walk, take a bus, or possibly go tubing down the river to get there, if I am not mistaken.

I very much would like to visit this waterpark for a few days. It looks fantastic, and the people who live within driving distance from it are very lucky. All I have is a County-owned, twenty-year-old wave pool with a small waterslide tower near me, and that's in the very crowded next county over.

I visited this park last summer and IMHO this park KICKS BUTT! I have six Waterparks within 1 Tank of Gas driving distance from my house, but NONE of them even come close to what Schlitterbahn is.

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Yah know, I thought the same thing when I binged this park a few months ago. It didn't look as appealing as the the Dell's waterparks or the Orlando trifecta (Blizzard Beach / Wet n' Wild / Aquatica) But I guess the fun is hidden amongst the trees. I think I read somewhere that the water is used is from natural springs.

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The "old section" (pardon me Mr. Siebert for not recalling the monikers) is the side that runs alongside the Comal River. The water is so clean and clear, it's incredible. The newer section (Blastenhoff) is where the castle is featured, along with Master Blaster and the world's greatest un-lazy river, Torrent.

We've been to a few waterparks, including Noah's Ark and BGW's, and other than Spalshin' Safari, none of them even comes within shouting distance of Schlitterbahn. (For the coaster side in you, Sea World and Six Flags San Antonio are both easily within an hour drive - if you're into music, Austin is even closer).

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As Disney World is to other theme parks, Schiltterbahn is to water parks.

The last time I was there Torrent was being built so I cant comment on that, as much as I love the Master Blaster (best waterslide ever, and I believe still the fastest and tallest) the old section is what makes this park special. Those old tube chutes are long (with the exception of White Water they are all >5 minutes, with one lasting 30 minutes) and just so much fun. Do yourself the favor and go.

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I'm a little confused. I went to the website, and Schlitterbahn appears to have 4 different water parks within Texas and Kansas. Which is the sweet one that all are referring to in this thread?

The one in New Braunfels, Texas, between Austin and San Antonio! :)

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I'm still confused.

When I look at this map, I still cannot find the "castle" and area with Master Blaster...


Billy, I believe you're looking at the Galveston, TX park. The sweet park being referred to in this thread is the New Braunfels, TX park.

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I can has confusion.

Thanks Jeff, I think I found the correct one.

When I type Schlitterbahn new Braunfels Tx into Bing, it brings up that map I posted before. Where I am going too wrong? Who wants to ride bikes?

Hmm.. but now I look at the correct one it doesn't look like that many slides. I can only see about 6. Must be the quality over quantity thing.

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That, or everybody is lying to you about how great the place is.

Billy, I'm with you. I can't match the New Braunfels, TX Bing and Google satellite views to the the posted park map. They very vaguely even resemble each other, and over half the attractions are missing. I'm guessing the satellite views are very out of date; I'm not sure.

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Schlitterbahn doesn't have a ton of waterslides in the traditional sense. The New Braunfels park is made up of a lot of tube chutes like this, which is why you're not seeing a lot of slides in the satellite imagery.

This map shows both sections of the park. The top page matches up with this section of the park, while the bottom page is this section. The two sections are roughly a mile apart. Both are included in a day's admission (a bus shuttles guests between the two sections).


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^Things are making sense now, thanks Nate.

For anyone who has ridden Master Blaster and Wildebeest at Holidayworld, how do they compare? And/or compare to other water coasters?


I see what I was doing wrong.

When you type "Schlitterbahn New Braunfels" into google or bing satellite maps, it centers on what I guess is the old side of the park, all on Liberty Ave.

I was completely missing the big second water park with the clear Master Blaster, castle, etc. off South Union Ave. I'm guessing this was Billy's issue too?

Anyway, thanks for clearing this up guys!

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You'll want to spend AT LEAST Two Days at Schlitterbahn, and trust me, you'll want to reserve a third day to go tubing down the Comal or Guadalupe River (The Guadalupe River was WAY down due to last year's drought, but the Comal was ridable). It has several small Dams which have chutes you can ride down. If you visit Texas I recommend visiting the other Parks first (Aquatica, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Sea World San Antonio FIRST before you visit Schlitterbahn, otherwise all the other parks will seem Anti-Climatic!) Of course, if your time (and money) permit you can also visit Six Flags Over Texas and/or Kemah Boardwalk (If your doing Coasters save this park for last, you won't regret it. ;)) as well. Most important of all, HAVE FUN! :)

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Ive ridden both and I prefer Master Blaster hands down. The main reason I like it more is that Master Blaster uses pressurized water vs. Wildebeast's LIMs. You just sense the power more with MB, and at the top of the uphill sections end up getting showered with water from the jets. I also think that MB has longer vertical drops then Wildebeast and is so fast pace that its the only water coaster Ive been on that really feels like a roller coaster.

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I've been on three types of water coasters: water-propelled, conveyor belts, and LIM. I must say the initial "launch" of the ZipCoaster (Conveyor Belts) at Kalahari in Sandusky is incredible. But overall I liked Wildebeest the best. If ProSlide could do something like the launch on a ZipCoaster on one of their Hydromagnetic Rockets, that would be AWESOME!

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