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I don't really have much to say about this trip, but seeing as the TR section gets really bare during the offseason, I figured I'd just add another topic.

I went with my girlfriend (Mary) with both of our families in tow. We weren't really expecting to go, but it was nice out and it was tossed out as an idea earlier in the day, so it was a nice surprise to know that I would be getting a credit and sort of breaking up the long monotony of the offseason with a ride or two.

She's not a big fan of coasters (afraid of heights and motion sickness), but we went to SFGAm. earlier this fall and she liked S:UF. She didn't really like Viper too much, so I was a little concerned about the Giant Dipper.

The boardwalk in general is beautiful. Lots of atmosphere and they even have a brass ring carousel. Even in the middle of winter it looks great. We went through the pirates mini-golf course on the way in and it looked like a ton of fun. We headed over to the Giant Dipper, and grabbed a 6pack of tickets each. (Enough for one ride). Nobody else wanted to ride, so it was just the two of us. One train operation led to a 20 minute wait, which I found surprising considering it was the middle of winter. We took front row and Mary watched the kids getting off ahead of us and was a little wary. They were a little bit green. ;)

The station and the trains are very beautiful. With the boardwalk and the ocean to the side, the ride had a very classic feel. The setting definitely adds a lot to this ride. Once the train dispatched, we dove into the dark tunnel which reminded me a lot of Phoenix. Pitch black and a couple of turns with some decent speed. The dip into the tunnel felt like it would have given a good pop in the back of the train. At the base of the lift hill, Mary requested that I hold her hand. No arguments here. ;)

The lift hill gives a spectacular view of the area. There wasn't too much time to look around as we were quickly headed down the drop. The first turn had some great laterals and a solid pop of air on the entry. I was sitting on the inside, so I got to smash into Mary. ;) The rest of the ride was more or less a blur, but in a good way. Fast with some really great pops and the final turn had some awesome laterals that had Mary screaming. She told me later that she was really afraid of losing her head on the crossbeams in that turn. The trains were surprisingly smooth and Mary definitely enjoyed it. (I'll make an enthusiast out of her, yet!) I also really liked the ride and wish I had more time to give it another spin in the back. Considering how old this coaster is, I can definitely see why it's been such a favorite. The on-ride picture was pretty cute, so my mom bought one (the first on-ride I've ever purchased) and gave it to us (awwwww).

The rest of the afternoon, we just walked up and down the boardwalk, checking out the different attractions and scenery. There wasn't much we could or wanted to do. All the other coasters were closed and most of the flats made Mary say, "No way!"

And now for another 4 months of boring offseason (unless I make Solace).

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Congrats on getting that credit, Andy! She's a beauty, eh?

As far as getting Mary to become an enthusiast, it sure does take time, but I converted Tomoko. I know she'd never admit to it, but she really does like coasters now. They terrify her, but after the ride, she can't wait to get back in line. It's just that first ride of the day.

Nice TR!

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

Great TR! Definitely make it back down to SCBB for a back of train ride, hands down the best seat. The laterals are just as amazing, and the 3rd drop will have you literally standing up!

And later in the season, absolute requirement to do a night ride, pure coaster magic! Actually the whole Boardwalk is a stunning site at night with all the dazzling lighting packages on each and every ride. Glad you had a good time!

ApolloAndy said:

The on-ride picture was pretty cute, so my mom bought one (the first on-ride I've ever purchased) and gave it to us (awwwww).

Unless I missed something Andy, you still haven't purchased an on-ride photo. Thank your mother properly. ;) Sounds like you had a nice time...thanks for the TR! :)

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:P Sure, I didn't actually purchase but I probably would have if mommy didn't. I guess it's the first on-ride photo I've been in... (well, my face. I'm sure I've been in the row ahead or behind someone else who bought their picture at some point in my life.)

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

Sounds like you had some fun...I live in Santa Cruz so I go on the GD a lot. Always fun. I'm sure you would have had a little better time if it wasn't limited operation, because half the park is closed off. The log ride and some stuff down on the lower level is fun.
SCBB sounds wonderful. I should go there.

It only took me one Magnum ride to make me an enthusiast (or at least a coaster fanatic)

janfrederick's avatar first woodie! ;)

Glad you got to ride this machine. What a great place!

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