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Too funny :) *** Edited 12/7/2006 6:31:36 PM UTC by Jeff Young***

Jeff Young
I love it, awesome group. I joined.
Haha, what a great group.

"Would you like to buy a photo of you boys enjoying the Line Ride?"


I love this group!

soo true!

The legend continues
Whoever made this group is a true genius.
Isn't joining a group like this just as bad as being a nerdy ACEr?
I agree vdude02, he must be pure genius. ;)

GoliathKills said:
Isn't joining a group like this just as bad as being a nerdy ACEr?

No, it's not my friend. No, it's not.

I joined. :)
You know, I have to say something.

I joined ACE about a year ago and have attended many ACE events during 2006. I have met many members of the group during that time and ALWAYS found them to be nice and decent people who share my love of parks and coasters. I have not once found any member of the group to be "scary". Some are different, but that is the case with ANY group. I have found the typical young person in a park to be far more scarier than any ACEer by the way.

I see all the ACE bashing that goes on and to be honest, I find it to be pointless and juvenile. I fail to understand why people have such a negative view of the organization. I have enjoyed my time in ACE and will be renewing my membership again next year.

I have been with these people, and they are warm and friendly and fun to be with. Try talking to some of those "scary" people and you will find they are good people once you take the time to know them. *** Edited 12/9/2006 4:55:40 PM UTC by Mikewhy***

Hey I'm an ACE member too -- but I still joined the group. :) Scary is a term that can vary. It could refer to their appearance, or their obsessiveness to have to correct every single person that might not state the exact stat of ride A.

I have no problem with them, just they need to know their boundaries, know when to shut up, and know when to pass on fifths at the buffet.

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I am dying to see the photo but I hate signing up for things that I never use.

The curiosity is killing me, though!

It's fun making fun of ourselves. ;)


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Mikewhy said:
I fail to understand why people have such a negative view of the organization.

Self-seriousness and inability of it's members to take a joke might be part of it.

I honestly really enjoy the ACErs that I have met. There is a group of us that go to most of the local events -- thing is, we were friends BEFORE we were ACErs, so that helps a little.
You can single out ACE members as being "scary" if you like but many Coasterbuzz members are also ACE members.

I belong to 3 or 4 interest or hobbyist groups that have nothing to do with coasters. There's people in those groups you might deem as scary as well. *** Edited 12/10/2006 7:56:51 PM UTC by Brad G***

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

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All groups have their fair share of scary members. ACE just seems to have an overwhelming amount.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!

SFoGswim said:
...ACE just seems to have an overwhelming amount.

My family has become friends with an ACE family over the past year, and we've had the chance to be around a lot of the clubs membership at parks/events. I have to totally disagree with the above statement. Every ACEr we've met has been totally down to earth...dare I say...normal!

Are there members who take their coaster enthusiasm too seriously? YES! But those people exist outside of ACE too. The family we've been hanging with has the opinion that the ACErs they know who are "scary" make up a very small amount of the membership.

I would liken it to politics. What happens when a member of one party says/does something that jeoprodizes the whole party? The media focuses on that one person, and suddenly the whole party is that way, and holds the same beliefs.

Were not ACE members yet, but we will be as soon as we have the free money. Why? I love what ACE stands for on coaster/park preservation. And secondly, the community we've already experienced has been great fun.

Based on what I saw at the Travel Channel taping at PKI a few years back...... this group is pretty accurate.

I mean, im sure Acers are nice guys and all, but dare i saw similar to trekies?

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Well then maybe it's just the Southeast ACE group that's full of 'em. Oh man, just remembering how horrible Spring Fling was this past year gave me the chills.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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^That was just the rain we had that morning. ;)

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