Scarowinds Sunday October 25

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Today I went to scarowinds during my last visit to the park before the dreadful offseason. I didn't stay too long, only from 7-9:30, but still got a decent amount done. There weren't many scaracters on the paths, but the houses had plenty. I did the houses in this order: Defex, 7th Ward, Last Laugh 3D, Cornstalkers, and then Zombie High. I then rode intimidator and was done. Now here is my ranking and review of each house.
7)7th Ward(fittingly)- This house just doesn't impress me as much as the others. It didn't have as much jump scare and it was pretty short. The highlight is definitely the part where you walk through the inflated balloon like tunnel.
6)Silver Scream Studios- Doesn't really stand out, but still fun. Has some interesting scenes. The highlight for me is when you get your picture taken, since it is very loud and sudden and provides a good jump scare.
5)Last Laugh 3D- While not as scary as the others, unless you hate clowns, with the 3D glasses it is very disorienting and fun. The mirror maze is the highlight for me.
4) Zombie High- Very fun with lots of jump scare. Very good theming as well. Probably the most attention to detail in any maze. Every part relates to something you would see in a high school, such as the cafeteria, or the locker room. The highlight is definitely the part where you walk through the zombie high prom.
3)Defex- Another good house that could be interchangeable with Zombie High, but I think that the story line is just a bit more scary. The highlight is the part where you walk up with the waist high balloon like inflateables.
2)Cornstalkers- This is so much fun. It is so long and the characters blend in so well with the corn that when you walk by they give you a good scare. This definitely has the best jump scares. The highlight is the whole package.
1)Slaughterhouse: The Final Cut- Dang is this thing gory. It has very good themeing as well. Not that good for jump scare but it is definitely the best house at scarowinds. The best part is the double amputee.
Hope you guys enjoyed the review.

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