Scandia Fun Center 2/15/03

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003 10:35 AM
Weather: Seasonable, 60's, cloudy

Nestled tightly next to a major interstate highway, this park is definitely a local haunt. The first thing we noticed about the park was a rather putrid smell in the air. We looked to see where the overflowing cesspool was, but soon came to realize that THIS is what Scandia Park (and perhaps Ontario, CA) smells like. The parks was a nicely landscaped collection of about 25 rides with a nice miniature golf course.

Scandia Screamer (6/10)
You can't help but be a little surprised when you first see this roller coaster. It is taller than you'd imagine with great looking drops and hills. My initial reaction was that it was a giant Zyklon or Wildcat.

The ride was a bit rough. The first hill was very tall for a coaster of "this sort". The first drop was huge and we really were expecting a shaky ride. Instead it was solid. The drops were decent but sloped in a way that had the potential to crunch the spine. Nice head chopping elements were included as were bunny hills at the end of the course. Not a spectacular coaster, but, as the ACE guide states, "unique".

Wednesday, February 19, 2003 10:42 AM
It'd probably be good with some less painful rolling stock. I liked it, but much prefer the little brother Hi-Miler found at some travelling carnivals.

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