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Friday, March 16, 2001 9:48 AM
Trip Report: Scandia Family Fun Center
Ontario, CA
March 10, 2001
Ah LA traffic, gotta love it. After getting caught up in traffic and using the official park directions which took us way out of the way, we finally arrived at Scandia Family Fun Center around sundown. Again parking would be free, and we pulled up and parked next to the Scandia Screamer. This park has all the makings of an FEC. It has Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Mini golf, batting cages, HUGE arcade, and most importantly an amusement rides midway. Upon making our way to the arcade, where you enter the park at, we bought the VIP plan, which is unlimited access to all park attractions, including the Go-Karts, minigolf, etc. VIP plan was $18.95. Scandia also sells ride tickets, which seem to not get used at all there. If you were paying per ride, Scandia would be quite an expensive park.. The Scandia Screamer required 6 tickets. Each ticket is $1.00. It would be quite easy to break even on our VIP passes.

But first, lets ride the Screamer!

Scandia Screamer - Coaster #161

After a brief 10 minute wait, were in the back car. The Screamer uses single bench cars, with nicely upholstered seats, individual seat belts, and a single ratcheting lap bar. Though the station is marked out with 6 loading areas, and Guide To Ride indicates and shows photos of 6 car trains, the train on tonight only had 5 cars. Our first ride was in the back, and while the dips were breathtaking it was nowhere as good as our rides in the front.

Scandia Screamer is like taking a stock fairground coaster like a Zyklon or a Galaxi and "Jumbo Sizing" it. More specifically its like taking a Miler coaster a jumbo sizing it. Wait, it is a jumbo size Miler coaster. In addition to being a taller longer lines, the dips are just that much more severe, and true to this genre of coaster, headchooper effects are in abundance. In the front seat, by the third pass, every dip is giving "Hey YOU! Out of that train now" quality airtime. Airtime choreographed with headchoopers is always a truly evil, yet truly fun sensation. A couple rides and we were off admiring the competent flat ride collection, all the traditional flat rides plus newer rides like the Gravitron and Kamikazee, We took a spin on the Gravitron, which the park did its best at making look like a permanent mount, Then we hit the Little Screamer, another Miler coaster this one a true kiddie oval. Though the trains don't look Miler to me, and in fact contain an interesting feature, the hitch points are all the way to the left side of the train. I bet you this is the train style that RideMan claims can not make a right turn.

Little Screamer - Coaster # 162.

Also at the Little Screamer I noticed that the parks operators secure the gates on the rides (the entrance and exit gates) with PADLOCKS while the rides are in motion. After Little Screamer we headed down to check out the FEC end of the park. After deciding it to be a bit to cold for mini golf, we rode the Go-Karts (they were in the VIP plan, so why not) The Go-Karts were fun, and used only a lap belt, not the 4 point arrangement found at other parks. We noted that the local 'game' played by the local teenage guests is to hide in the tunnels after the ride time and see if they can sneak another race. Foolish kids, do you really think its that hard for them to count the cars in the loading area. I mean when there are X number of parking spaces in the loading area, and some of those spaces are EMPTY when the cars return, it's not that hard. Funny part is, most of those kids were wearing the distinctive blue plastic wristband which signified a VIP pass. I guess the 2 cycle wait was a bit much for them.

We then went back, took a few more rides on the Screamer and headed back to our hotel for the night.

David Bowers
Mayor, Coasterville
Friday, March 16, 2001 5:55 PM
Damn, and I drove right by this park on the way to my cousins wedding back in May. I guess asking my family to stop and ride the Screamer while in a tuxedo would have infuriated my family.

Thursday, March 29, 2001 2:22 PM
I rode trhe Screamer for the first time last weekend. I was pleasantly impressed. It didn't look like much from the freeway, but packed a whallop! Lot's of airtime and a couple mouse-like corners. Let's see if Castle Park around the corner can top it with their new family coaster. I think Castle Park is a lot nicer (larger, more trees, more rides)...It's just that Scandia has a coaster you can sink your knuckles into...

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