SBNO Blue Diamond Streak for sale

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I just happened across the SBNO Blue Diamond Streak on eBay today.

They're asking $149,000 or you can make an offer.

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That could be the worst looking control panel I have ever seen on a coaster. Otherwise, it looks pretty cool.

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Just in time for Christmas too.

RCDB says they paid 110g for it so why do they want 149g?

Stocking Stuffer!

I'm going to wait for the GroupOn for it. ;)


Wish I had the cash for that. It would make a nice addition to the back yard! =)

Collin Aynes

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It's possible they put upgrades into it. But, based on the pic of the control panel. I would be surprised if they did.

I e-mailed Duane at RCDB and he said it has been for sale many times on eBay. He thinks they were originally asking $250K.

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