SBF Visa Group Spinning Coaster Weight Limits?

I was just looking online at the coaster at Incredible Pizza Company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and saw that there is a 240 lb weight limit. I know these models have been popping up everywhere the past few years and was wondering if all have the same limits?

Going to Tulsa next week to see family and was hoping to get new credit. But looks like we are out of luck.

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Maybe you should cut back on the Famous Dave’s…

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I've ridden both models, the small one at Camden Park, and the larger one at Scene 75 in Dayton Ohio. There was no weight limit on those two, so I assume this is a limit set by the operator and not the manufacturer.

I weigh almost 270, and the rides accommodated me just fine. It was my butt that was the problem, and not my chubby belly. My butt isn't too awfully big. The hard, plastic seat was not very wide. I read somewhere a while back that the seats on these rides were difficult for a full grown adult to fit in, but I still fit.

The smaller model made me a little sick. The larger model was fun for a ride of that size.

I made a video about the one at Scene 75.

We decided not to stop and try last weekend. Beforehand, I posted the question on their Facebook page, and their reply is what I expected: "The manufacturer limit is 240 lbs and we must abide by these regulations for the safety of our guests. Thank you for your understanding!"

I find it an odd requirement, considering all the kiddies coasters I have ridden as an adult. :^)

Jerry - Magnum Fanatic
Famous Dave's- 206 restaurants - 35 states - 2 countries

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