Say a prayer for New Orleans and the Louisiana coast.

Gustav has exploded into a Category 4 hurricane and all models now have the projected path for the storm to slam into Louisiana.

This area is still rebuilding after Katrina. Doesn't look good at this point.

If you live in this area, I hope you are preparing to evacuate.

Be safe.

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I do hope things work out better for that area this time around, it's sad to see it happening again, but I think less will choose to stay this time around.

Katrina was a rough one, but it was Kathleen Blanco to blame for not accepting help from G.W. Bush and the government until it was a day too late. Bobby Jindel will do a much better job with how the area handels this storm not only from history but for his current plans taking effect now.

After living through Katrina, I'm SO glad I moved to central FL a few months back. All my friends back there though....I worry VERY much. The city can't survive another major blow.

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^Yeah this sucks really bad, my family got out last night, and were staying in Jackson, We got school off Tuesday, but even my city, which didnt do that bad in Katrina is supposed to get a few feet of water, and I live on the lake, so thanks goes out to all you guys, for your kindness. The thing Im most upset about is the chance of the SFNO deal, failing again.

Who ever thought we would ever get a Katrina 2?

Good luck to other buzzers, who live in the disaster path also.

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With thousands of lives and billions of dollars of property at risk, a defunct amusement park should be the least of everyone's concerns right now.
The current prediction models actually are looking WORSE for New Orleans than Katrina was, as they are showing the storm, likely to be Cat4, passing just west of the city. This means the city will be subjected to the much more damaging northeast side of the storm, as opposed to the northwest side it got for Katrina.
If I were anywhere on the coast between Beaumont, TX and Mobile, AL I'd be boot-scootin it inland right now.
As it is, I just went and filled up both cars. Gas will be over $5 a gallon by Wednesday, and when people figure that out there will be a run.

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^That's just it. New Orleans didn't really sustain much damage from Katrina itself. The levees breaking is what destroyed that city. You always want to be on the west side of these storms.

These tropical systems are popping up off of Africa like they are coming off an assembly line.

Hanna is the next one to worry about.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

My prayers go out to all those that are living there or have loved ones living there. Also i pray for safe travels for those who are getting out as well.

It is horrible that the same things happen to the same people, because life is still not the same for many, and this may set them back even more years than possible. I hope somehow the storm is not as bad and that people can come back to everything they have and hold dear. May God bless all of you and keep you safe.

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The problem is that the Gulf is its own (almost) inland tropical sea. It just turns into a sauna in there every summer. Whether or not you accept the overwhelming evidence that global warming is real, it is a fact that Gulf water temperatures have been steadily rising every summer for years.

I just read an interesting article that suggests that planetary atmosphere may actually experience a cooling trend over the next decade or so. The Atlantic and Pacific decadal oscillations, great oceanic heat reservoirs, are set to switch back to negative in the next couple year (if models are correct). This will serve to counterbalance global warming caused by our pumping greenhouse gases into the atmo.

In no way does this gainsay global warming. Whatever time this event will buy us will be more than offset when the decadal oscillations swing back to the positive in a decade or so. At that point, models suggest global warming will rev into overdrive in a manner we can't even begin to understand. There are a few meteorologically inclined folks on this site, especially Walt. I'd be interested in getting their take on this.

I'd pray for the folks of New Orleans, but I'd think their best bet is to get the hell out of there ASAP.

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The folks are getting out as fast as they can this time around.
sent by a friend in houston yesterday. I hope it isnt true.

1. My local talk radio station reported yesterday that they have been monitoring the local news station in New Orleans via the net. They reported that 50% of the persons calling into the news room were inquiring for the locations of the new FEMA offices to sign up for Gustav benefits. They were also requesting the phone number to the Red Cross to give them their address where to start delivering their meals.

Gustav is still on the south side of Cuba not even in the Gulf area but yet the New Orleans people already want their new checks and delivered hot meals for a storm in the Carribean.

2. Several nurses I work with have patients and patient family members who are transplanted New Orleans Katrina evacuees. They were telling us at the office of how multiple families were getting together, packed in cars to return to New Orleans before the storm hits so they can establish a residence there to draw FEMA benefits from Gustav since Katrina benefits run out in March of 09.

I bet your talk radio station airs Rush Limbaugh...

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I didnt say mine. I got the information 2nd hand and I said I hoped it wasnt true.

The good news: It looks like 95% of the city has been evacuated.

I've got a friend who's a Red Cross volunteer, and she mentioned to me that she's already been tapped to go down to New Orleans as soon as Tuesday.

People aren't messing around with this storm.

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My prayers go out to all of you who will be affected!

Glad to see that everyone is taking this storm much more seriously...


It sucks that I brought this up again, but this same area might get hit again with Ike.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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I was just watching all of this on the news. Many prayers and well-wishes go out to those who are in the paths! Be safe and check in when you can!

I Don't like Ike! :(

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Turks and Caicos virtually wiped out, Haiti devastated even further, Cuba in the crosshairs...everyone in the Caribbean basin is in need at this point. Given the gulf temperatures (and likely strengthening), when Ike hits the U.S. there will be lots of damage. If that should come too close to New Orleans, the area's recovery could suffer a crippling setback. Al Gore's message was right.

^ As much as Gore makes some good points, I don't want to get political here, as I don't totally agree with him.

Back on topic...

It's possible Ike might be as bad or WORSE than Katrina. I've got a friend who's down outside of New Orleans right nlow working with the Red Cross. It's possible my dad may be heading down there, as his work involves infastructure (power lines and utility trucks).

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I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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