Saturday and Sunday at Cedar Point 6/8/13, 6/9/13

Sunday and Saturday we went to Cedar Point. By we, I mean my family instead of the band. I had to drive all the way back Friday night and drive back Saturday. This trip report will be lengthy, but I don't think that's going to be a problem.

We got there on Saturday at 6:00 pm. There were lines at first except for Gemini. Two rides on it, and boy it never gets old. I'm moving it up on my coaster standings. It was great in my favorite spot: left side, back seat, back car, and blue train. That's the best spot to ride it.

After that, I wanted to ride some oldies. I rode Cedar Downs Raceway speed carosal. It was about a C- for me, if I were to give a grade. It's not that fast.

Then, I rode Blue Streak. It great airtime in the back car, front seat. I like that ride, but it's getting old. It's not like they're going to replace it, but it would be nice to get it retracked. It's kind of bumpy these days.

After Blue Streak, we rode the skyride to Power Tower, and I rode green side. It was fun, but not as good as Drop Tower at Kings Island. It did like the extra. Then I won bank a ball again. Another prize! The champion returns!

We then went to Gatekeeper. It was only a 40 minute wait, which was a lot shorter than anything else. I rode second row, right side. It was incredible! I still love it.

Then, Wicked Twister was next. It was good, but V2 is a lot better. Backwards twisting is very annoying.

maXair was next. It was very intense. I rode it at almost night time. There were tons of bugs. The ride attendent went over the speaker: bugs, please don't feed the humans! It was a fun ride, though.

I rode Gatekeeper at "pitch dark" (10:00). It was a bad night ride because the ride naturally has a lot of lights. It was still fun!

The hotel was a bad experience. We went to the hotel because it was only 8,000 hotel reward points. It was free. I hated it because it was an outdoors hotel. It was biker week at Sandusky, so bikers were at the hotel all night. It was tough to get to sleep because the bikers were partying all night, and I could hear them talking. At 3 o'clock, I woke up because the bikers were drunk and laughing like crazy right outside our door. It was until 4 o'clock that happened. I got more sleep and woke up at 7:45. Subway $3 deal was a gem for breakfast. We got a 6 inch breakfast sub and cofee or pop for $3. A normal 6 inch breakfast sub without a drink is $3.29, so I don't understand their thought process with making the sub 29 cents cheaper for getting a drink. I got an egg and bacon sub with provalone cheese, lettace, tomatoes, onions, chipolte southwest sauce, and it was monterary cheddar bread. I wanted to get that bread instead of flatbread. It was funny because the subway in the park had a 7 dollar six inch. Their "5 dollar footlong" was 13 bucks. Wow, park food is a rip off.

The next day, we took advantage of early entry. We got there at 8:45, but were way behind a lot of people at the Soak City side entrance. I got a bad start because of that for my Maverick sprint, but put in the cross-country kick and ran into fourth place. Then, I was far away from first, but I didn't want to fail. This year I wanted to get front row Maverick on first train of the day like the second Sunday of June last year. I passed those three people with the fastest I've sprinted in my life. I passed them at about Gemini, and coasted in for a first ride of the day front seat ride with a smile on my face.

It was a great Maverick ride; it was rough, but fun. I love the launches, though. The airtime on the ride is very underrated.

Then, Millenium was beaconing to me like a lighthouse does for a ship calling a lost father back home to land to hug his family after long journey at sea. I rode it, and it was my best Millenium ride ever. The reason: grey-out. I greyed for the first time in my life. It started at the end of the first hill, and it lasted until the end of the first over-bank. It was an amazing experience. The rest of the ride was fun to. It had good air time and turns.

I rode Iron Dragon for recovery. It was fun! My dad lost his hat. Oh, well.

Next, we saw TTD was open even though early entry wasn't done yet. It was as fun as normal.

Magnum was next, and it was jerky. I was on the first train after Coasting for Kids, though. I give it a B+ for today, but it's normally better.

The next thing I did was ride Jr. Gemini and Woodstock Express for ride credit. I got on Jr. Gemini even though I am too tall to ride. What I did was talk to a little kid on the street and ask to ride with him. He said yes. The little kid was required for my ridership. I told him that the big Gemini was better. Then I rode Woodstock Express. It was terrible.

Then it was Gemini twice. I raced against the Coasting for Kid guys. I slapped hands with them on the ride. Unfortunately, both races were a loss. Blue side always wins. I think I actually saw Jeff Putz taking pictures of Gemini in the station. Jeff, you have a SWEET camera.

Then we went to the waterpark, and I thought it looked stupid and left to Magnum within 5 minutes. Then I rode TTD again and rode Mantis. Mantis was trash. Why'd I ride it? I rode it for. credit. I ended up riding every coaster in the park during the two days except Mean Streak.

I then rode the train to get good views for pictures of Millenium and Maverick. I love trains!

I rode Mine Ride, and was hot, so I went to Soak City to ride Eerie falls. It got me too wet, so I left the water park after it.

maXair was next. It was very fun. Then was Gatekeeper in midday with a 22 minute wait. Millenium looked like a 70 minute wait, and TTD probably had 60. GK had 22? I'll take that. Advice: never ride GK in the morning. Wait until 1 pm or so. It will be worth it to wait to ride it later. 2 hours in the morning, I heard, but during the most crowded part of the day it was 22 minutes. That is supreme crazy.

I rode Raptor next. It was in the back car. It was intense, and it was fun. I love that ride now, and the MCBR didn't do as much to the ride as normal. That's good!

We then rode the train again and rode Shoot the Rapids. I got wet. :-(

We rode the train back to the front of the park, and rode Gatekeeper again, TTD again, and left at 6:30. I got 1/4 of an elephant before we left. My family is kind of cheap. We'll probably eat at Applebee or Friday's.

Well waiting in line for Gatekeeper the last time, we met a TPR-er, and he just got a job at CP. He is a freshy in college, but got Maverick regardless of that because he had a southern accent. His friend got a job at a food stand. That's hilarious.

It was a legendary trip, but it wasn't legendairy. We didn't get any ice cream.

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You ate a fourth of an elephant? Geez, you must be full.


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Elephant ear. It's a dessert.

Sounds like you had a great trip this weekend, Tyler! I have not been in the waterpark since they replaced some of the slides. When we rode Magnum I had chance to check them out from up above and I'm disappointed that the speed slides are now gone and those generic slides have taken their place. Regardless, glad you had fun

I agree, the speed slides were fun, but the new racing slides are line eaters! The peeps appear to like the racing slides as well far more than the speed slides.

I feel CP's tube slides are way under rated. compared to most water parks. Erie Falls is great as well as their slide towers.

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Just there an on-ride photo on Gatekeeper. When you talked about it being a bad night ride it made me think of Wild Eagle. With all the on ride camera's it has, it made for a semi blinding night ride for me. Glad you have a fun trip!

Sky's the limit.

There is an on ride photo on Gatekeeper, but the reason I didn't think it was a good night ride was that there were lights shining on the whole track.

The reason I didn't like Eerie falls was because it dumped water on you unexpectedly in the dark. It scared me a lot. Unlike most, water slides are meant for me to get a little wet. Getting soaked was a mega-bummer.

You don't like getting completely soaked, Tyler? Stay away from Thunder Canyon at Dorney.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Tyler....why ride the water rides and go into water parks if you dont like getting wet?

When you visit CP, visit my mill. est. 1835

They can be fun. When it's 75 degrees like yesterday, getting wet isn't my thing. On other days, like 95 degrees, then it's necessary. I don't know why I rode them yesterday, though.

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Cedar Point has a few "soak you" wet rides. I have been on both Thunder Canyon, and Snake River Falls, where you not only get soaked, you get drenched. Their old White Water Landing also used to have "cheater" spots on the lifts, where it would dump a shower of water on you, but sometimes those were turned off. Used to love white water landing, because the line always moved quick, as the turnstyle station moved boats very quickly.

I have not been on the Shoot The Rapids, though I can assume you get wet on there as well. It will certainly be on my ride list for my next visit, which may end up being in July, or August. Was going to go this month, but looks like I won't be able to afford it.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

The left side of the Shoot the Rapids boat gets you more soaked than the right because the waterfall gets mostly the left side. The big drop on Shoot the Rapids doesn't get you that wet, but the small drop at the end does.

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