Santa's Village lives on near Chicago

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After Santa's Village closed in May 2006, Phil Wenz helped organize the auction of the assets. He kept an office on the premises and served as administrator of the property, which quickly maneuvered to rejoin the wild prairie, plants growing around and into those assets — rides, vehicles, the vaguely Seussian buildings — that hadn't been sold. Now there is, once again, a park bearing the “Santa's Village” name operating on the property, like some ridiculous thing you whisper into Santa's ear that somehow turns up under the Christmas tree.

Read more from The Chicago Tribune.

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I was just there this last weekend. Didn't seem as Christmassy as the other Santa parks that I've been to. They were very busy this past weekend. With the weather being a bit cooler, I imagine lots of places were busier than normal.

That had this cool Angry Birds game there. (Facebook link)

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