Santas Village in Dundee Illinois

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Sunday, May 21, 2000 10:19 PM
I am posting this trip report just like the other with Kiddieland on a previous post to let people know about these smaller scale amusement parks that cater to children. If you have small kids, hopefully this will give you an idea. The Chicago area is fortunate enough to have 2 small amusement parks along with the big daddy (SFGAm). Anyway, on with the report. My daughter and I arrived around 11:30 AM. I decided this year to get season passes for us since I live only 4 miles from the park. The park as usual is very pleasant with a good mix of rides. Decided first to ride Typhoon which is there version of a big coaster. It has one loop and beats you around pretty good. It reminds me of an Arrow looper as far as rough but I didnt expect this park to invest in a good coaster. Next we headed over to Coney Island(A theme area) and rode the antique cars,bumper cars, ferris wheel, himalaya, etc. Next we headed to Old Mcdonald Farm where you can feed and pet animals and take a pony ride. Then it was off to Santas World where you can get a picture with Santa and ride various other rides and play arcades and Skeeball. That is pretty much the whole park so we made our rounds and had a good time. The theming of this park is absolutely fantastic. The buildings look like something out of the North Pole. The great thing at the end was I got my season passes for free because guest services screwed up and I saved $130.00. So for the rest of the year I will be getting in for free.
Friday, May 26, 2000 5:36 PM
I am from central illinois and I come up to SFGA. I have heard of Santa's village, but have never been there. Do I understand you correctly that there is another park there also besides SFGA, if so, what's the name of it and where is it?
Friday, May 26, 2000 9:41 PM
Yes, there is SFGAm in Gurnee. Santas Village in East Dundee, and Kiddieland in Melrose Park. I posted a trip report for Kiddieland about a month ago. Its still up to read. Melrose Park is located just west of Chicago.
Saturday, May 27, 2000 5:38 PM
Great the more parks the merryer:).

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