Santa Cruz giving away 100-year passes for 100th year

Posted Thursday, April 12, 2007 9:05 AM | Contributed by Jeff

In celebration of the last 100 years of seaside fun at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the Visitors Council is giving away another 100 years of rides at the landmark park.

Read more from KION/Salinas, CA.

Thursday, April 12, 2007 4:25 PM
Cool to see my home park here (and my place of employment)!

Here is a more direct link to enter the contest:

The Boardwalk is doing some interesting things for their 100th. Instead of adding any new rides, they are touching up just about everything they can. New paint. New concrete. New roofs. New food/refreshment stands. New signs. New maps. Most things are changed to say '100th Anniversary' on them (e.g. arcade tokens).
During the summer, the Moscow circus will be performing shows daily. I don't have much more info on this, but there may be more at

There is also a new band organ for the Merry-go-round, in addition the 2 they already have! Right now only the new one is functioning, but soon all three should play together, or one after another. Here's a photo sideshow w/ audio:
The price on the new organ was $250,000!

I know a lot of you on here seem to be from the Midwest or East coast... but if anyone has any questions about anything Boardwalk related or if you are planning a visit there, ask me or talk to me about it!

Thursday, April 12, 2007 4:36 PM
Yes, the Playland at the Beach Wurlitzer 165 is back on the West coast!. After over thirty years of being out of the public eye it's back doing what it was intended to do.
Thursday, April 12, 2007 8:21 PM
^^ LOTS of us will be there in Early May... SpringCon! :)
Thursday, April 12, 2007 9:02 PM
What is SpringCon? I can't find any details...
Thursday, April 12, 2007 9:28 PM
^Sorry....I'm as guilty as anyone of assuming everybody's as geeked-up as I am.

I got to check out SCBB in '00, the employees locking the place down for the offseason were REALLY nice....just wish they'd done their job a day later, LOL! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:04 PM
Sounds like a good trip! I'll see what I can do to operate Giant Dipper during ERT. :)
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Friday, April 13, 2007 1:19 AM
Don't worry Bill. You will soon know the awesome power that is the Giant Dipper. :)
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Friday, April 13, 2007 11:12 AM
^ Yeah, it was kinda hard to appreciate the RIDE, seeing as how I was stuck outside the queue taking pics... :)

Awesome-looking park, it'll be GREAT to get back there with the rides running...and then later with the rides running. This also means I'll finally have the *stateside trifecta* - IB, Morey's, and SCBB. Beachside locations are the ultimate for amusement parks... :)

Friday, April 13, 2007 3:26 PM
Yyuuuuup. Hate to do it, but this is a ME TOO post. ;)

My first woodie. Man, I was hooked after that first tunnel. What a great place! Taffy, corn dogs, beach smell, sun, seaguls, trim (Hey, I'm talking about the building ornamentation!!!!), fried zucchini, pinball, leisurely ride on the skyway, goofy cavemen.

Again, anybody with the time, I recommend you take the Roaring Camp "Suntan Special" from Felton for a nice half day at the Boardwalk.


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