Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk replacing Hurricane with Undertow

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The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's new ride is called "Undertow" and it is a rotating roller coaster being constructed in Germany, Boardwalk folks announced with some fanfare Monday. The Hurricane's last day of operation will be Sept. 3. Dismantling begins soon after that.

Read more from The Santa Cruz Sentinel for the removal of Hurricane and the announcement of Undertow.

Good news! I cant see how this new ride could be any worse than Hurricane!

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It's a very fun ride. Waldameer has one. I'm not sure if its a plug and play model or if this is unique. Either way, the public will love it.

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Rendering and specs (50' tall, 1410' long, 147x75' footprint) all match identically with an off the shelf SC 2000 (link is a PDF), so I'd say that answers that question.

Always a little disappointed with clones, but having been on both styles of ride it's at least an improvement over the 'cane.


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I think one of these would be a perfect replacement for either Galaxi or Tig'rr at Indiana Beach.

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something crazy about replacing Tig'rr

Well, I suppose you're entitled to your own wrong opinion.

I support the "replace the Galaxi" notion, but I think IB has enough issues to work through before it should worry about replacing rides.

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I was really crossing my fingers for a Eurofighter... I think it could fit the space requirements and would be a great addition to the park. Never been on one of these but I am sure it will be more fun than the Hurricane. Hopefully the new wood coming to CGA will be satisfying as well.

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