Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 7/22/17

Since the beginning of the Friday Night Bands on the beach, I have gone to the Boardwalk nearly every Friday too see acts such as Eddie Money, Blue Oyster Cult and Y&T. Luckily,it was not crowded on the 22th as compared to some other days. Undertow had a fifteen minute wait which is typically shorter than the usual 30 minutes. Giant Dipper was rocking a 12 minute wait with two trains. Fireball had the average 20-30 minute wait however it may remain closed for awhile due to the Ohio incident. Haunted Castle had a 40 minute wait during the day and 20 minute in the evening. Everything else was either a walk on or roughly 5-10 minutes. The Undertow has gotten RGB flood lighting in the station and the spinning has been toned down as I have not been able to get any spin on the helix. I wish they would put the spin unlocking mechanism right before the turn into the brake run like Spider at Lagoon a couple of years ago. Shockwave remains to stay open without any problems unlike the Typhoon which has been down somewhat frequently.Around 5pm the Typhoon broke and was down for the rest of the night. The park did not even bother to try and reopen it which was a bummer. Giant Dipper was running smooth as this year the first drop was re profiled so there is no violent bumpiness. The rest of the ride is at it's typical smoothness and comparable to the Grizzly at Great America. Crazy Surf still remains closed as of the month of July however every other ride(besides Typhoon)seems fine. Tsunami is still missing its light up banner sign and the Ferris wheel received a boring LED light package with fixed white red and blue LEDs on the spokes. The LEDs do not have any creative light patterns and somewhat remind me of cheap rope lighting. The Sea Swing's turbo lighting package still has many burned out lights too. However besides these minor complaints the Boardwalk still retains its charm and the staff are always doing their best to speed up capacity. This is basically my home park and has gotten significantly better over the years.


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