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Thursday, April 4, 2002 8:13 PM
After eating Lunch at the Las Palmas Taco Bar, right by the Boardwalk, I went over wanting to ride the 2 adult coasters,Hurrican and Giant Dipper.

Hurricane 8/10
I heard how these SDC coasters are a real riot and I am very happy to have now ridden one! The airtime after the small first drop was cool, and in the middle of the ride there is what I call" A circle drop" were you twist up then down in the shpae a a circle. Even though the finale is a slow. let-down, I had alot of fun!

Giant Dipper 9/10
Before the ride, right before you enter the station, there was a video about the ride geared towards coaster enthusiasts playing! It listed a ton of facts, like who made the trains who built and desinged the ride, and some numerical figures. It also showed some classic footage and all the numerous styles of trains it had. I also loved the old school circular station! Alot of handslapping goes on between people waiting, and the train returning to the station Now these Morgan trains were very different than typical Morgan woodie trains. They were desiged to fit this 1920's coaster, and also have a foot pedal to lower and lock the lap bars, which come no wear near stapling you! The first drop is great, then theres a turn around and nothing but great airtime hills after. The cool thing is, you can't see pretty much all the ride from the outside,just the main hill, turnaround, and a couple bunny hops. Each element comes as a surpirse and there are good head choppers every were! The trims sucked though, but whatever they have to do to keep this ride running!

SCBB is real cool, very cheap pay per ride park with, wristband option as well as a season pass! I hope to come back in the summer and ride the flats thier to, like the Chance Cahos. They were building something to, the foundation looked to be for a new shop or game.

So That ends the best spring break ever! I went to all the major parks in nocal excpet for Bonfante Gardens. I will never forget this and had a great time!

So what is better? SFMM or CP? I don't care! They both have 29 coasters between them that they build so we can have a good time!


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