Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - Thursday August 16

We stopped briefly to check it out as we drove down the Pacific coast. We parked at a meter ($1.50/hour) rather than the lot ($10 flat rate). $18 worth of tickets got us each a ride on Giant Dipper and Hurricane.

Giant Dipper: A great classic woodie. Nice airtime. Good staff. No seat selection.

Hurricane: Like many family coasters, it is much more violent than it looks. Most of the ride was pretty cool, but one of the diving turns shook us up.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is worth a stop just to sample the awesome carny food!

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$18 for how may people?

2 riders x 6 tickets for Giant Dipper
2 riders x 6 tickets for Hurricane
Total: 24 tickets x $0.75 per ticket = $18.

There are many different ticket options -- we picked the basic non-discounted tickets because we could not spend more than an hour in the park.

See the web site for complete ticket pricing:

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Wish you'd have had more time there....beautiful park, awesomely fun flats, brass-ring carousel (when the brass ring machine is operable)... ;)
Due to the station design, it's hard to let people choose their seats. But if you ask the operator at the chain (before the stalls), 95% of the time, we will have no problem with you waiting for the next train.

rollergator said:
Wish you'd have had more time there....

Don't worry, we'll be back.

Now, is the brass ring machine really broken down, or do too many enthusiasts like me keep a ring as a souvenir? ;)

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^It was broken at Spring Con when Bill and I visited this year. :(

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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greatwhitenorth said:Don't worry, we'll be back.

I said the exact same thing.

Even a caveman knows how great SCBB is:

Brass ring was working on Labor Day...if anybody cares! This is probably a top 5-10 park for my tastes. I wonder how long before somebody puts condos there...ala Coney Island, Pavillion, etc...?

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