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Friday, December 21, 2001 9:22 PM
Well, SCBB doesn't have the most amazing collection of rides, but I figured since there hasn't been barely any posts for at least 2 months, I mine as well post this report. Well here we go...

When I got there, it was mania. There apparently was a band competition that just got out, and wow was it packed. It was difficult to walk around. My first ride of the day was the
Giant Dipper.

GD: This wooden coaster is amazing. If you consider how old this thing is, it rides so incredibly smooth. I rode once in the front and again the middle. There were several decent pops of amazing airtime, and I actually enjoyed this coaster. The tunnel in the beginning was AMAZING!
8 out of 10

After the Giant Dipper I headed over to Chaos (I'm 13 so yes I love those kind of rides). Chaos would have to be the most intense flat ride I have ever been on. I haven't been on many (enterprise,topspin,komikazie, all of those), but this one left a memory. WOW was this thing fun. It seemed like you just kept flipping over and over. Great "ride"
7 out of 10

After being flipped more times then I imagined I headed over to Hurricane(or is it Tornado...I always get them mixed up...the blue one!). This thing looked fun, intense, but fun. I got on, and I really liked the overall design of this small coaster. Well, when I reached the top of the lift hill, all my expectations were ruined. This is the roughest coaster I have ever been on! I HATED it! Ouch! I had a bruise when I got off. To bad...
3 out of 10

Well that is pretty much it, besides some other flat rides, but I won't bore you with those. I will probably be going to SFMM or MW soon so I will try to write another TR on a more extensive park. See ya


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