Santa Clara approves zoning change for 49ers stadium

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Despite financial uncertainties, the plan for a new San Francisco 49ers stadium in Santa Clara moved forward again this week, as the City Council approved zoning changes to the entertainment district needed to accommodate the team's proposed 68,500-seat stadium on a parking lot adjacent to Great America theme park.

There is no update on how Cedar Fair will react, given its concerns about a loss of parking and effects on the park.

Read more from The Mercury News.

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68,500? Strange to me that they'd lower overall seating capacity with a brand new stadium. Their current one seats just under 70,000.

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It's all about the luxury boxes. Less seats but more $$$.

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I was thinking the same thing. Less seats = more demand = higher ticket prices.

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I think this will go the way of the proposal for mocing the Oakland A's to Fremont.

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