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I might make a quick stop at Sandy Lake on a trip to SFOT. Looks like they have a couple of kiddie coasters and some good flats (Rock-O-Plane). Do they allow adults on their coasters? How is the park in general?

Also, I may try to stop at Kiddie Park in San Antonio. According to RCDB, their Herschell coaster doesn't allow riders over the age of 12. Can anyone verify truth to that?

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Gator and Bassistist were there last year and IIRC they could not ride either kiddie coaster. Hopefully one of them [or anyone else who knows for sure] will chime in.
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Year before last?

Honestly, I only recall the Herschell Dipper, which we were allowed to ride. RCDB provides no date on the Dragon Wagon, I'm guessing it was added since our visit. The other big hits were the Rock-O-Plane and the Pretzel darkride...COOL place to visit. I'm sure you'll get the DW credit, they were VERY accommodating.

Kiddie Park in San Antonio - you won't ride.

I was thinking about going to K-mart after work and checking out the horsey right out side. Has anybody been on it? I want to know if it is good or not before I drop my quarter in the slot.
Lol Raven...I've already got that horsey credit. Where have *you* been? It's definitely not a top 10 ride, but I hear K-Mart offers free soda and sunscreen so you might want to consider it (although the price has gone up to 50 cents now). ;)

Thanks for the info Gator.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
Sandy Lake - You can ride the Herschell coaster. I don't remember the powered coaster on my last visit but as Gator said they are very accommodating, so they will probably let you on.

Kiddie Park of San Antonio - Their policy is that adults cannot ride, but I do know of some adult enthusiasts who have been on it. I guess it depends on the operator that day. I was there a few weeks ago to take pictures. They were making periodic announcements throughout the park that adults may not ride the coaster, and there is signage indicating the same. I did not try to ride it.

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Extremely RARE that one gets to ride a Pretzel dark ride, so I'm pretty sure we'll want to stop here. How is the quality of their Pretzel by the way? Also, their website lists a this the Himalaya type flat or a Looper like Knoebels operates?

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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^ I want to say Himalaya...stupid me, all my pics are on the work puter, from there they go to my pbase account in some *seemingly random* fashion. The TX pics stayed up for a LONG time, since that was SUCH a fabulous time.

When I get a question like this, makes me wish pbase didn't have such a small limit on the number of pics I can post. I've been told to go to flickr. If I can put ALL of my pics in one location for a reasonable annual fee, I can spread out the uploading and be able to answer this kind of question WITHOUT having to wrack my poor little pea-brain... ;)

IIRC, and it wasn't even the year before last, it was '04....there was a pool at Sandy Lake (not a waterpark), and that seemed to be the BIG draw for the park. There was also a cool train, and a couple other flats you don't see everyday. But the STAFF, as always, makes or breaks a park....and it made Sandy Lake.

Interesting that SOME adults were able to ride at KPoSA....we were told "no way, no how, NEVER!" Just goes to show... ;)

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You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Thanks for the help y'all. SL definitely sounds like it's worth a stop.

How about Fair Park in Dallas? Anything cool to do there since the wheel doesn't open except at fair time?

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
If you like museums, gardens, or art deco architecture then Fair Park could be interesting. The permanent rides only operate during the fair.
That will change. Fair Park is actually adding permanent rides and will opening up as a summer amusement park in 2009.
Rock-N-Roll may be a Hampton kiddie ride that consists of tubs on a circular track with small hills and dips. Riders can spin the tubs. Sandy Lake has a strong pool and picnic business. The ride area was never busy on my visits. The web site offers a free gate admission coupon, but it is not good on Saturdays and certain other days.
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^Good catch Tom....finally got five minutes of free time here at work, uploaded my (limited) pics of the park. Also, nice to know my memory is failing, the Dragon Wagon WAS there in '04! ;)

Neither Bass nor I have the Dragon Wagon, musta been DDM that day...
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Nice Gator! Thanks for posting those.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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