Sandusky gives Kinzel key to the city

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Cedar Fair CEO Dick Kinzel, retiring in January, was given the key to the city by Sandusky's commission.

Read more and see video from The Sandusky Register.

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Wow, and I thought we were brutal. Check out the comments on the Register site!

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I'm not ready to say he is going out on a high note. I think much of the recent success may, in large part, be in SPITE of Dick...and not a result of him. Had things gone the way he was pushing for we would be having a lot different conversation.

But, I've always tried to view him as objectively as possible and there is no doubt he was a trailblazer in the 80s and 90s. He made a lot of good decisions back then and I would be ignorant to ignore them.

And, until the real story comes out about the separation with Falfas (granted, it likely never will) then I think that is a real blackmark on his legacy. Before the falling out, if I heard they had a choice of Ouimet or Falfas to succeed Dick I would have likely come down on Ouimet's side...but what happened to Falfas still wasn't right.

I'm still wondering how long the other Kinzel will have his name on Cedar Fair stationary.

For a guy who once spent so much time supervising and managing park food service back in the day, it still amazes me how that area has notoriously been one of the worst aspects of his parks.

Which poster here wrote this comment:

"and next year, a life-like statue of Kinzel will be one of the features in the new "Dinosaurs Alive" attraction"

Check out the comments on the Register site!

You can't be *that* surprised. The quality of "commentary" on newspaper sites is usually a healthy step down from that on, say, a sports blog.

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If a movie is ever filmed on Kinzel's life, Fred Willard would be a shoe-in for the leading role.

I didn't write the Sandusky quote...but it was a funny one. Dick's recognition would have to be a statue. He certainly wouldn't pay to have an animated robot of himself. If he did it would be broke and non op by the 4th of July.

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I think it's wonderful that Sandusky gave Dick a key to the city. Unfortunately, Kinzel misplaced the city's key along with his car keys.

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It's too bad his little speech about providing paychecks and protecting jobs didn't pertain to all the hard working people in Aurora when he pulled the rug out underneath them.

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