Sandspit, PEI and Crystal Palace, NB

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Visited these two small amusement parks in Atlantic Canada over the past weekend for the first time.

Sandspit is small and offers one coaster, Cyclone. It's individual cars are four seaters, two by two. They have maybe four or five cars, with a simple lapbar restraint. The ride was fun, with a few dips and doodles, but otherwise uneventful and nothing unique. Was unable to find any manufacturer information anywhere on visible surfaces.

C.P. is an INDOOR amusement "area" with a coaster called Bullet. It is one train of maybe six cars, seats two by two in fours. We sat in the front, no one else on the train. It went okay for speed given what it was. It had a couple decent drops, and even a tunnel out of a drop. Again no visible evidence of manu. Best thing was one ride ($3.50 or so CA) was three times through! In the center of the "area" was a full size swing gizmo (sorry, don't know the actual kind or any details) and it was neat to circle that on the coaster.

I did a little research for you (it's a little slow at work right now). The first ride, Cyclone at Sandspit Canvendish Beach is a Schwarzkopf Wildcat. It's had two prior locations, including Six Flags New England. The second ride, Bullet, is a Zierer/Tivoli large model. All research was done using RCDB and the web. If you have anymore pictures of either ride that are decent, you should send them in (especially of the second ride), as each only has one picture (and of course, you can submit them to CB as well).

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