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Saturday, September 15, 2001 5:56 PM

Last night I thought it would be cool to spend sometime with my friends. What better place than a carnival. For those of you not familiar with Las Vegas, every year we have a Italian festival called the San Genaro Fest. Its basically a big celebration of Italian heritage. This year's festival has been packed. I dont know if its becasue if the events that happened this past week or what, but it was crazy.

I arrived at 6pm to a mass of cars. They really need to find a new place for this event casue with the construction of the new Palms resort theres very little parking. It was full, as I suspected, so I drove a little past the event to the place where I did my high school internship this past fall. It took about a good 10 minutes to walk from my car to the gates. I waited about 15 minutes and met up with some friends. In the long long line to get in (a common theme). 15 minutes and 5 bucks later we are in.

The best part of this event is the food. Not only italian but every type and lots of little booths and things. This aside we headed our way to the rides. Another 20 minute wait at a ticket booth (this was the shortest line of the 3 booths) and we have wristbands. $20 WOW a bit steep. Ah well.

They have a lot of rides that I haven't seen in Vegas for a really really long time. Here's a review of them

Fireball by Larson:                                                         This is the new open air version of the Super Loops AKA ring of Fire. It seems to go a lot faster than its predecessor, but just as scary. The only difference is that this one has OTSR's instead of that big padded bar.

Foot Loose AKA Vekoma Air Jumper:                      Really cool swinging ride. You ride inverted style with an OTSR and a bar on top of that. It works much like the Aero 360 at Kennywood.

Scrambler:                                                                     Old fashioned thrills, nothing more. Only that this one only went forwards...hmm....

Waveswinger:                                                                This ride didnt have many adults on it for some reason. It was running a bit wierd. Normally at the end of the ride, these things almost stop before lowering to the platform. This one lowered while it was still spinning meaning kids feet were dragging on the floor....hmmm...

Alpine Bobs by Chance:                                                Same great ride with some good speed going on.

Zipper by Chance: This was a new Zipper with the red color package. Nothing special.

There was some other stuff, not all that insteresting. So thats basically it. In the end we left after a couple rides. Too many people and I dont like carnivals put on dirt. It messes up the good shoes.

"ok everyone go ahead and pull down on your shoulder restraint so you feel nice and stuck!"


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