Same Coaster, New Name. Does It Count ?

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My buddy and I were having a discussion a while back about something and I thought Id seek a little input/feedback from you gals and guys. So as you all know, quite a few classic wooden coasters have been or are in the process of being made over into new versions of themselves. If youve already ridden that coaster in its original incarnation, would you be able to count its new incarnation as a coaster credit ? I mean like Texas Giant vs. The New Texas Giant or Medusa vs. Bizarro, or Rattler vs. Iron Rattler? It may sound like an inane inquiry but its something that does puzzle me. Any thoughts ?

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I don't think it's inane at all.

With Iron Rattler, because the track layout was changed, with inversions, overbanked turns etc being added, I think it's fair to count it as a new credit. It's not the same ride it was.

Whereas Bizzaro is the same ride with a new name.

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I'm in agreement with slithernoggin. New track, new layout, new trains, new inversions? Yep, new ride.

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It would be nice if I could convince myself otherwise, of course. I'd have three credits from my one ride on Bat/Flight Deck/Top Gun down at Kings Island this spring :-)

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If Cedar Point makes Mantis into a floorless without any other modifications and renames it, should it count? I would say yes because the ride experience isn't the same as standing.


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I think if the coaster layout, trains or if it turns into a hybrid it is a new coaster

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There is no right or wrong answer. It's up to the rider.

For me, if something has changed about the ride that totally changes the experience, I count it again.


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I think there is one WRONG answer: If you count new names when only the name is changed, you could theoretically have eight "credits" from just the John Allen kiddie and the Miler kiddie at Kings Island.

I am really quite liberal with the "whatever you think counts, counts" concept....that would be wayyyy over the line.

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You can count any way you wish.

I don't count new names. I don't count new locations either (X-Flight/Firehawk). To each his own.

If you do count new names, I think Scooby Doo/Beastie/Fairly Odd Coaster/Woodstock Express is the gold standard. Can anyone find one with more that 4 names?

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I count new locations, but part of that is because that's the way the track records work here on CB. A new name will always count as one ride, but a totally different park association will count as two. Of course, you're free to just not add both to your TR.

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I must be the odd one out, but I've never bothered to count coasters - period. I enjoy the experience, treasure the memories with family, and just move on. Guess I'd better turn in my badge as I leave now....

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Other fun things to consider (since this topic hasn't come up in a while):

Some element removed or reprofiled (Chiller, Steel Phantom, I305, V2 West)
Both sides of a racer with the same layout (Thunder Road, Rebel Yell, etc.)
Both sides of a racer with the same name but different layout (Rolling Thunder GAdv.)
A racer which has "almost" the same layout but not exactly a mirror or clone (Lightning Racers)
Mobius coaster (Racer Kennywood)
Travelling rides (state fairs)
Evac'd from an MCBR (my friend has only ridden the first half of Alpie, due to an MCBR evac. and the ride going down for the rest of the day)
Reversed train (Freeze, B:TR)

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Just my silly ramblings on the subject:

I counted reversed trains (Am Eagle, Colossus, XLR8) for a while, then retroactively removed them from my count when I started to feel unclean about it. But then again, I never double counted Faceoff/Invertigo, LoCoSuMo, or the like.

Racers I say are easy. 2 separate tracks = two separate rides. "But what about Racer at KW?" you might ask. I justify that one with "I had to wait in line twice..."

Travelling carnival rides... If I can identify it, I won't count it again, but since the same company is responsible for about every carnival in my area, it's pretty easy to pick out that same pink Dragon Wagon.

V2 west is a completely different (and unique) experience. I double counted that.

And I'd totally count the sit down Mantis again. After all, riding without a bruised head and a squashed bag would indeed count as "a new riding experience" for me.

But as stated earlier... to each his own. I won't judge.

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I don't actually count coaster credits anymore. Used to. Also used to have a complex system of points by which I ranked coasters (x points for layout, y points for cleverness of name and so on). These days, I ride it, I add it to my track record here, done (and that's mainly due to my Aspergian brain liking records and lists so much).

I agree that a change that doesn't affect the ride experience shouldn't be counted as a new ride. So a name change alone, not a new credit. Same coaster in a different park, new credit.

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BWAHAHA! I vote Stand-Up coasters forevermore be referred to as Squashed-Bag coasters, credited to Tommytheduck!

But then again, what do I know?

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